I was skeptical at first when I saw Max in a bright Hawaiian button-down shirt and sporting a freshly cut shaved head. I thought to myself "That's not Max Payne, that's John McClane on vacation!" Although I am a huge 'Die Hard' movie franchise fan, I am also a big Max Payne fan and didn't think he needed to be made into a mirror image of the 'Yippie Kai Yay Mother#@?&er!' catch phrase spouting movie icon. Much to my surprise after playing through the single player campaign for the first time I found myself wishing that they'd cast Bruce Willis instead of Mark Wahlberg for the part in the movie adaptation. Max Payne 3 is an incredible interactive/cinematic experience. For the first time in my life I played through a campaign on Hard difficulty and dove right back into it in order to experience it again on the 'Old School' difficulty. Usually when I beat a game I'd take a break from it for a while and go back to other games in my library to level up characters, gain achievements/ trophies and log in some hours on multiplayer but not this time. It was like watching a movie a second time so that the effects of it would linger longer and further embed itself within my minds memory banks. The story was great, many twists and turns take the player from the rich and lavish backdrops of the well to-do upper class citizens of Sao Paulo Brazil to the poverty stricken streets of the Favela where gangbangers rule not to mention flashbacks to how Max was recruited and shot his way out of Hoboken New Jersey. Max gets drunk, copes with his past memories, self medicates himself, pisses someone off by simply breathing where he shouldn't be, gets into gun-battles, allies himself with powerful people, get's betrayed and almost every key character dies. Max made me curse him several times for decisions which lead him into worse situations where once he was well armed, standing above piles of shot up corpses then wound up beaten bloody and defenseless but much like John McClane, Max proved he can crawl, brawl, re-arm, duck, dodge and ultimately shoot his way out of most situations.

The game also offers many other incentives to boost it's replay value such as 'Grinds' which lead to unlocking golden gun variants for multiplayer weapon loadouts, achievements/trophies and campaign progress on different difficulties offer character skin unlocks for multiplayer avatars. And speaking of multiplayer, how fun it is to 'Shootdodge' in 'Bullettime' and watch several players jumping from catwalks, windows and other forms of cover to kill each other 'The Matrix' style. Other modes such as 'Gang Wars' and 'Payne Killer' offer some spice to an other wise stale market dominated by Call Of Duty and Battlefield. 'Gang Wars' has two teams compete for objectives that change every round for five rounds and 'Payne Killer' nominates the first killer as Max and his first kill as his partner Passos, whoever kills either of them turns into their respective kills as they continue to cover each others back while the opposition continues to commit themselves to their enemy's murders. This game has proven to me to be truly awesome and converted me from a naysayer to a yayplayer. Lol. Minor glitches and some collision issues keep it from a perfect score but aside from that I could find no wrong in this game.This is one of my personal opinions and I'm sticking to it. Bring the Payne!