Quick isn't what I do, especially since my reviews usually take me at around an hour or 2 to complete even after taking notes during my playthroughs. However, I'm extremely backed up. I now have 9 other games that I've got to beat and review (though I may not even bother reviewing a couple of them) before 2012's glorious Fall of Awesomeness, which what I'm calling the Fall Release Schedule. This is also the first time I've ever done a "Quick Review", so here it goes.

The Good:
+ This is Rockstar at it's finest in story-telling. Max Payne 3 delivers an amazing story that will keep you playing. It may also keep you guessing to the end and throw in some emotional twists. 

+ Unlike most games in this generation, Max Payne 3 doesn't tone down its challenge factor. No matter what difficulty, you may find yourself dying repeatedly due to enemies flanking your position, shooting down at you from higher ground, or even surrounding you. Bullet Time is there to help, but it doesn't last long and ammo goes fast.

+ Max Payne 3's animations and some of the environments are among the most realistic that I have seen from this generation of games, especially when it comes down to the destruction of said environments. 

+ The Multiplayer is great fun and offers a lot of customization not only for your loadout, but your characters as well. Each faction in the multiplayer have their very own character that you can customize by changing their gender, clothes, and more. As for the loadout customization, you will have to choose what you use wisely because everything (weapons, attachments, and even perks) is weighted and the heavier you are, the slower you will be. There are also many different game types to check out.

The Bad:
- There were a couple kinks, like: sometimes shooting straight up when behind cover, the loading times for some of the levels and "Shoot Dodge" being pretty clunky most of the time, especially in the multiplayer. 

9.0 out of 10

(Review based off of PS3 version)