While Mass Effect Infiltrator may not stack up to the greatness of it's console cousins, it did offer the best experience I've had with an IOS shooter to date.  Every other IOS shooter I've played has had the worst touch controls...so bad in fact, that I deleted them form my phone/iPad.  Due to this fact I wasn't expecting a whole lot out of the game.  

The graphics are pretty good, and, while I agree that the paragon/renegade choices they put in the game are a joke, I have to say that Infiltrator is a solid IOS experience, one that you shouldn't pass up if you're looking for a game that can pass the time without making you want to break something due to the lousy controls.

The plus for this title to me is that I can pick it up and play for 5 minutes, or even 30, and it ties into the Mass Effect Galactic readiness feature of my Mass Effect 3.  This is a small tie in none-the-less, but I felt it was worth the $6.99 I spent on it.