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  • Wiki Page: The Reaper Battle on Rannoch

    When I looked for help with this boss battle and everyone online claimed it was luck; NOT TRUE . Here's how you beat the Reaper: Round 1) As he's shooting strafe left; regain your ground towards the left when he's not; rinse and repeat Round 2) This time strafe the other way each time he's...
  • Wiki Page: "Saving" Anderson

    Alright, so there's a lot of confusion about how this works. People think that this means Anderson will live if Shepard stops TIM. As far as I know, he will always bleed out and die, without any hint of him still being alive. However, there is a way to prevent him from being shot again by TIM, which...
  • Wiki Page: Trophy Guide and Tips for Insanity

    First Things First Play through the game once, make your decisions, be who you want. Playing this way will give you the best experiance and will probably get you around 40% of the trophies already. After you have finished come back for the rest of the guide, it WILL contain spoilers.
  • Wiki Page: How to get the Hijacker Achievement

    The "Hijacker" achievement requires that you gain control of an Atlas mech. What you have to do, is equip yourself with a powerful weapon - I prefer a sniper rifle that fires more than one round per clip- or atleast one that gives you a constant rate of fire; pistols, smgs, and assault rifles...
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