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Mass Effect 3: Is this the ending that they think we wanted?

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  • Mass Effect

    It has become the pinnacle of any RPG and what it should hope to become. I have fought valiantly to go throught with whatever was thrown at Commander Shepard and his allies. I saved the Rachni queen, put Grunt through puberty, saved Legion, prove Tali's Innocence, (etc,..), and bent a very feuded galaxy into a shield of untiy, but what would BioWare prove in the ending of Mass Effect Three? That every good story can be ruined with one decision. That decision to not give fans that cheesy cliche ending that prove them to be any bit conformists.

    But I say Why?? Did you really sit down in a meeting and decide, that taking the players feelings and tearing them apart and making them feel about as useless as a boat in the desert, would make them feel that your company had their best interest in mind? Are these even the same people that made the first two games? The choise should have been OURS TO MAKE!!!!!!

    I cried. I really did. Because instead of having Shepard and the love choice of the player sit on a destroyed building and watch the sunrise after a very violent and chaotic evening, they chose to eradicate the very essence that lured us into the game in the first place:survival. Shepards uncanny ability to survive and carry the weight of humanity and the galaxy on his shoulders, to throw the evidence of others mistakes at  their feet and forgive them for their ignorance, all for nothing


    Shepard was exactly as he is named He was a shepard of my feelings into the game. My own surrogate into this magnificent universe. And the influence of the Big Corporations(EA) was enough to take a diamond like Mass Effect, and crush it beneath the weight of their selfishness.

    I wanted peace. I wanted the Legacy to go on in existence, not memory.


  • Same here. The game was fun, but the ending is kind of depressing. I chose the *ahem* "Red" choice at the end. I thought they died on the ship, but I was a bit less sad when I saw Joker, Tali, and Garrus step out of it.

  • Frankly I heard the ending was terrible, so i googled it...I was so pissed off that all my hard work and effort meant nothing that i stopped playing half way through, i havent touched it in a month and i intend to sell it soon.

  • I agree the ending was terrible.  It seemed rushed and not entirely thought out to me.  I'm willing to bet that Bioware was told to make the ending crappy so additional DLC could be sold, but thankfully the fans of the series have reacted as they should have.  

  • (Sorry accidentally posted before I finished)  The ending was full of plot holes and errors that cannot be explained by  so called "artistic integrity".  That is just an excuse to try and explain away the awful ending they tried to give to the fans.  Thankfully it did not work!

  • I agree with the original poster.  It is a shame that things ended the way they did under 'artistic integrity' and think EA had a part in pushing it before it was truly done.  But we can only speculate.  Till then take use of your imagination and expand the ending inside your head.  With the endings the way they were, plenty of loop holes to nearly justify any idea regardless of your color.  Alternatively one can just swallow the jagged pill and accept not all things end under the rainbow and sorrow is just as acceptable an emotion for an end as happiness is.  

  • Even though you wrote this awhile ago, I still want to share my sympathy and VERY similar reaction to the ending. What got me the most was exactly what you said... the fact that i have came thus far doing every possible good deed (a little sarcastic there) and every outcome i thought would make a bossin' ending just to have them say... well you can die or.....well you can die. I was like WHAT!? Are you kidding me. I do feel cheated for this ending and was HIGHLY disappointed. Ive heard or read rather that they might make an alternate ending. Which is nice to try and appease us but at the same time i almost dont care because the heart has already been broken on this issue. I hope you can only agree :)

  • I was not able to play the game due to my schedule until this week, and I just finished it and do not understand the hate towards the ending.  I did wonder how my love interest that was charging the beam with me ended up with Joker, but other than that one piece the ending was great.

    The ending was very philosophical and intellectual offering you three choices that all come from different viewpoints that people have to solving solutions.  You have destroy, which is the military ending.  Winning war means casualties, and in this scenario it forces you to accept that the Geth and EDI will die.  Also, like any war, if you prepare enough, you may survive in the end.

    Control is power.  You are able to take power over the situation and end the reaper invasion, but to do so you have to sacrifice all that makes you human. You also have to question whether you believe that absolute power will corrupt absolutely, b/c shepard will have the power to end life in the universe after this ending.  

    The green ending has a lot of religious overtones.  Shepard names already implies that he is guiding the universe to a new existence, he is guiding us through these dark times to something new.  However, in this ending he essentially becomes a Christ figure, sacrificing himself so that all may live.  Through his death, everything is reborn anew.

    I also don't get the fact that people think the kid makes no sense and uses circular reasoning.  I took it that the kid was an AI that was part of the citadel.  In fact, you could view him and the reapers as just another form of synthetic life that rebelled against organic life and continues to do so.  Think about it, the citadel is synthetic, the reapers are synthetic(or part synthetic), they were created by something or someone.  The creator of the citadel (assuming the kid is the reapers creator) is no longer around, and it can be assumed pretty easily that they were destroyed by the synthetics they created (i.e. the kid and the reapers).  Or perhaps it was like the geth and the reapers were really just defending themselves and destroyed their creators.  The possiblities are vast, and if we choose to view it not as a plot hole, but as the reapers just representing one form of synthetic that killed organics and survived, the ending takes on more meaning.

    Also, interestingly, if the catalyst is the way to end the cycle, and the plans for the crucible were passed down from cycle to cycle, it seems likely that the AI, or its creators, knew that at some point the cycle would not repeat itself.  Shepard, as the first one to get to the catalyst, is the one that finally represents that organics and synthetics can coexist.  Shepard is part synthetic, Shep recognized the "humanity" in EDI, Legion, and the Geth (through the computer files he/she witnesses).  Shep was only able to get to this point through the cooperation of synthetics and organics, and the kid says that his solution (the reapers) will no longer work as a result of shep getting there.  Thus, Shep has proved that the cycle will not always repeat, which is why the kid gives him the options on how to end the cycle for good.

    This is also why Synthesis is the only way to truly end the cycle.  Shep has proved that synthesis is possible, so the reapers are no longer needed, but it is always possible that we will create something we don't understand and another war like the Geth/Quarian will break out.  This is why destroy/control will not necessarily end the cycle.  Shepard has "sheparded" us to the point where synthesis is possible, the cycle is not longer needed.

    This is how I interpreted the ending of the game, and it is why I think it was brilliant.  I think, on top of making me cry when I watched my Shep jump into the stream to sacrifice himself, that this is one of the best endings ever.  It is very thought provoking and intellectual.  I only wish the kid explained more about the reapers past.  Doing so would have cleared up any of the plot holes in this scene that people say exist and allow people to focus on the interesting philosophical and religious ideas brought up by the ending.

  • They just went for a stupid generic ending that is suppose to satisfy people and that Extended DLC just makes it even worse.

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