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Story Book Ending?

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  • So I just finished finished tearing my way through the universe in Mass effect 3 and I will say it was an awesome game.  The story was, in my opinion, on par with Mass Effect one and did not turn into the dossier finding game that ME2 turned out to be.  The combat system in it was very rewarding with multiple avenues to take and more options to indulge in during the fights.  However, the thing that keeps ME3 from being this Amazing title that I was hoping it would be is the ending.  


    ** Spoiler Alert**  

    Stop reading if you don't want to see the next part but... Shepard Dies. I know that they said this would be the completion of the part of Shepard, but I really think that it could have been brought about in a better way.

    What are some of your thoughts on the ending and how would you change it?

  • I would have shepard live or die depending on paragon or renegade. The reapers are just a civilization of advanced machines not what they actually turned out to be. Shepard is the catalyst, and he destroys the reapers and then retires with (insert romance partner here), and the galaxy goes back to normal.

    Instead we got a freaken GOD who uses the Reapers to start a new cycle. Shepard dies, everyone is either dead, gets merged with machines or stranded.

    *** ending.

  • Despite my disappointment with Mass Effect 3's ending, I would happily say I have never had more fun playing Mass Effect than in this edition. I felt the story kept up with expectations, and it certainly catered to the relationships I had made in the previous 2 versions. I think this is why losing Shepherd at the end bothered me emotionally. I feel silly getting so attached to a fictional character - but I defend myself by saying that it was I, not Shepherd, who ultimately made all those decisions in the 100 + hours that I've put into this series. So naturally, the outcome really mattered to me.

    Even though it's cheesy, I would have wanted Shepherd to live and return to Rannoch to retire with Tali and rebuild their homeworld. I invested so much into the relationships in this game, losing anyone was hard. I mourned the loss of Mordin, though I felt he died honorably and to his wishes, and I was relieved to see Grunt emerge from the reaper-rachni battle. But the greatest loss to me was not being able to complete that romance with Tali. I guess I'm a sucker for romance and happy-endings.

    But I appreciated learning the origination, purpose, and motivations of the reapers. I felt BioWare's message of "the created will always rebel against their creators" was a good tie-in to the universal conflicts of the Geth, Krogan, and entire galaxy vs. the reapers. It was a continuing theme that I felt fit the pattern well for the Reapers as well. They were simply restoring order so that all life wasn't wiped out through inevitable war (as it almost was from the Rachni, and later the Krogan). I certainly didn't want their mission to succeed - but I understand their "necessity"

    All in all, my Shepherd united not only the nations of the galaxy, but combined the DNA of organics and synthetics, bringing true peace to the universe. It's what that paragon, pro-choice (autonomy) hero would have wanted, and he did himself proud. While it's not what I wanted, it wasn't terrible either. I guess the pain I felt at his loss, proved to how attached I am to this game - and how well BioWare developed the series.

    I have heard argument over how set the endings are, regardless of player choice over the last 2 games, which is against the game's premise. I'm not sure how the choices really affected the games outcome, but I certainly viewed how they affected me playing the game. I frequently worked beside many characters I had interacted with throughout the series, like the 12 characters I saved from mass effect 2, or even characters from Mass Effect 1 like the Rachni Queen. So although my choices didn't change the outcome, the evidence of my decisions were still present as I was playing. I think they made fair use of that mechanic.

    Anyhow - I was deeply depressed with my ending. But the more I reflect on it, the less it bothers me. I'm happy to have been given the chance to complete Shepherd's story, and I find it awesome that years later he is referred to as "The Shepherd". A savior who protected life from the wolves of extinction.

  • I want to point you to some of the greatest literary achievements of our time. Think of the greatest stories, many of which the hero dies in the end or doesn't accomplish his goal. That despite their best wishes the ending to their story is out of their control. You could go off Shakespeare alone and see that. Just as we played this game differently, we view works of art differently. Though the ending of this game left me feeling powerfully depressed I believe that it was beautiful and the best ending we could experience. For me it had a similar feeling that the movies Sunshine, The Departed, On the Waterfront and even Schindler's List had. Tragic in so many ways. Shakespeare and Nietzsche among so many wrote works that will be remembered for ages to come and in the video game world I believe Bioware has made its mark similar to such as these.

    The fact that so many people have reacted to the ending in my opinion gives great credit to the writers. Bioware wrote a story we became attached to.  I doubt that they will ever receive the credit they deserve because we all wanted a 'happy' ending, but I agree completely with their choice in ending. So many writers do not take that chance. Are swayed by public opinion, that the masterpiece they wrote, never sees the light of day. I say that they have accomplished exactly what they set out to do from the beginning. And I am a better person for playing Mass Effect. I cannot say that for any other game.

    To answer your question I wouldn't change the ending. It would take the value away. I feel it would cheat you from experiencing the epic space opera that Bioware has created. And my choices were mine, the way I chose to be Shepard is what mattered most. But there are things even Shepard can't control and that makes him even more human. This was a story of a man fighting the cosmos. Fighting against the Gods themselves. He changed the destiny of all and kept hope alive.

  • I'm going to have to agree with you guys, disconude and Enderefffect.  Now that it's the second day after beating it and I've had time to really let my emotions settle down I'm able to see that I was a good ending.  And unfortunately like many of the gamers out there I let the emotions and feelings for players take that away from the story.  So, a very reluctant,.... Well done Bioware.

  • I agree with "disconude", i was unsatisfied with the ending, although i kind of assumed that it would end with shepherd sacrificing himself; but the lack of relationship closure with tali was a major letdown, i would have liked an ending similar to the one "disconude" described, even though it would be cheesy and/or cliche, because frankly the self sacrifice/open ending in my opinion is just as cliche at this point. The game up until that point though was fantastic. I loved the battle on earth it made me feel unstoppable, taking down brutes and banshees like they were nothing. Although I totally called that the citadel was the catylist, so the whole big "reveal" was kind of spoiled for me. Suffice it to say i still thoroughly enjoyed the game, but the ending was more than a little bittersweet for me.

  • I Just finished the game and i've never felt more emotions now than from any other game. Mass effect is my all time favorite series but  the ending was so bittersweet. As I sat there watching Sheperd deteriorate before me on the "good" ending i was just devastated. And then i come to find that the whole series is a man telling a child a story of " the Shepard". The series is beyond amazing but this ending has made me sad beyond belief. And i know that it is just a game but to me and many people out there it is more than that

  • I agree, to see your choices from the last two games and the third count for nothing was very upsetting to me.  What was the point of making all those choices if none of them effected the outcome?

  • It is called Mass "Effect",  not Mass "Need Not Worry About It".  I agree the choice we made should have been carried over all the way to the ending. I found myself more and more emotionally attached to these characters. We put into games like this, what we cant or dont know how to do. We put feeling and emotion into developing these characters, whether its becoming the devil incarnate or the Messiah,

    WE CONNECT WITH THESE CHARACTERS!!! And if it is within as good a story as mass effect WHY IN THE HELL WOULD YOU MAKE A @#%@#$ ENDING?!?!?!?!?!

    YOU FUMBLED ON THE ON YARD LINE MAN!!!! I am so displeased. There are those who say, dude its a game, but to others gaming is that NIrvana, that Batcave, that Fortress of Solitude. The ending to Mass Effect 3 was a slap in the face to those who believe in the art of Video Games. I wanted to be able to watch Ashley and Shepard raise a family. Have Garrus, Jacob, Jack, The whole gang that made it, over for dinner, or some function. I wanted more. It was either an act of greed, or an act of apathy that left us with an abomination such as this. If your gonna kill off a main character, its called CLOSURE. There wasnt even a chance to say goodbye to anyone. Cheated? that is not even close to how I feel. I used to be a die hard, play every game they made, fan of BioWare. I just dont know now.....

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