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GameInformer lies about Mass Effect 3

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  • Whoopie, a bunch of reviewers who write for publications or websites that accept advertising revenue from the very studios whose games they review gave the game near maximum scores.  there were such reviewers that gave the game a ten while still suggesting ways to improve it.  Feh!

    I know an obvious conflict of interest when I see it.  The fan reviews give one a far better sense of the genuine merits of the game.

  • The precedent is already in existence, so I don't take that argument very seriously at all.  (Fallout 3 anyone?)  

    Honestly, I am convinced that Bioware is going to do nothing other than cobble together some gougeware that contains the ending reveal that was cut from the original game, and that they never intended anything else other than to force gamers to pay extra for content that should have been on the original disk.

  • Also in your defense, have you (Dstalk) ever heard of a bitter-sweet ending? It's an ending that is both sad and happy creating a very moving reaction. It was also a "real" ending. NO story in real life ends entirely happy or entirely sad. It is constantly a mix of emotional states. I understand that this is a game, but you have to remember that Shepard is a person and this game had the intent of making him exactly that. Vulnerable, overwhelmed, terrified, determined, and desperate. Also, think about what life for him/her would have been like after the reapers were defeated. I can not imagine him/her as assimilating back into normal life or going back to basic military life. His/Her whole purpose was saving the universe, so I would imagine that he/she would feel restless, alienated, and just not right because he/she does not have this sense of direction.

  • What the reviews did say:

    4/4 "Goes where no video game has gone before" (USA Today); "If you're not a fan, now's the time to start." (Yahoo! Games); 10/10 "Exceeds every expectation." (MSNBC); "Unlike anything the XBox has ever seen." (Official Xbox magazine); 10/10 "This is arguably the first true modern blockbuster" (Eurogames); 10/10 "Engages your mind and moves your heart" (GameSpot)  

    What the reviews DIDN'T say:

    1/4 "I didn't like the ending." (USA Today); "The ending sucked." (Yahoo! Games); 1/10 "Oh my God, the ending blew." (Gamespot); "1/10 "Not a good ending." (Eurogames)                     Playing a game for the ending is like watching porn for the story.

  • That's stupid.  It's like saying ME1/ME2 MUST have sucked because ME3 sucked.

  • it's important to be critical when reviewing games. giving any game a 10/10 is not a review because no game is perfect. I loved mass effect 3 (aside from the ending of course), but even it does not deserve a 10.

  • no, the ending was not good. if you had been paying any attention over all three games, you should know that the ending is so full of plot holes and contradictions that there is no possible way it can be considered "good".

  • I completely agree. the gaming industry as a whole has become lazy because of a lack of criticism. we rely on reviewers to stand up and point out ever flaw and problem they can find so that game companies can improve their product, but when reviewers pander and praise endlessly, we get game stagnation (AKA; the COD effect).

  • You're right. The ending wasn't good. In YOUR opinion. MY opinion is that the ending was fine. I liked it, nay, loved it. Your opinion is not, in anyway, some all-encompassing total truth that everyone agrees with. Narcissistic arrogance is your undoing. "Good" is a matter of perspective and OPINION, not some uniform quality that you  created and set the bar for. No matter how interesting you think your opinions are, they're one way of looking at it, and I pushing them on me, or anyone else, won't do you any favors. Oh,and I am a rabid Mass Effect fan, and I've beaten 1 & 2 three times

  • ...times, and am on my 2nd playthrough of 3. I've paid attention, rest assured, and any plot holes have been sealed by my imagination.

  • I didn't think their score was poorly given.  If you cut off the ending of the game and plug in whatever fantasy you had perfectly imagined for a possible ending...the game play was solid, the story was good.  The friendships and relationships tied up or rekindled more or less decently (Tali for me, heard most ME2 relationships got short sticked)  so to based on the gathered I felt satisfied and would of scored it high.  Then again I would of given Splatterhouse a better score then it received so perhaps I just don't know anything.

  • And you didn't live to see it.

  • You sir, are an eloquent genius. I happen to think of myself as having a way with words, but i always seem to want to mix too many points into my arguments and they end up, inevitably, turning into ranting and rambling. But your entire post was concise and addressed the very core issue that I believe ruined the most epic and intricate story ever crafted in a video game (and one that won't be surpassed, in any medium, in a very long time). Cheers.

  • Mass Effect 3's ending could have been more, but that doesn't make it bad by any means. Mass Effect 3 had some of the best gameplay and story of 2012 and it wrapped up most of the series' conflicts. I doubt there could be a story after, because of how it ends, but it becomes a perfect way to end the series, in my opinion at least.

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