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  • Giving a game a poor score due to endings is not wrong nor is it trolling. If JK Rowling decided that for Voldemort to die all Harry and Co had to was sit in a circle singing com by ya people would have been viewing this as an insult.  When you are crafting a narritive fiction you have to play to your strengths.  What bioware did was place a shamalayan twist that was ridiculous to the well established plot. The universe for this game had so much potential for splinter stories but these are all essentially quashed due to the ending.  I was awaiting to see how dark energy played into the story.  I was hoping to find more about the reapers. What I found was a cosmic 4 year old that came off as a silly play off of the movie contact.  Bioware this is the second ending you botched royally. This first was Dragon age 2. If you continue this type of fan treatment I do not know if I can continue to support you as a customer.