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  • The reviewers that placed their reviews on this site were well informed and possibly would have held a great deal of truth.... That is until he gets to the part on the ending.  While their are approximately 6 or so endings the main 3 seem to be the most discussed on any forum and need to be addressed.  


    The first ending or the BAD ending shows my, after 3 games of playing choosing to give in to the umm "Star child" by saying screw it kid your right I should just kill myself and let you destroy the Earth so that in the grand sceme of things every decision I have ever made, whether it be to save the Rachni in the 1st Mass Effect to saving and doing personal quests with my evolved comrades in the 2nd Mass Effect, to bringing an Armada of every living being in the universe to defeat you but ultimately fail. (This was the ending where Earth is destroyed)

    2nd ending or WORSE ending

    I kill all synthetics, meaning even doing a single quest for Legion, finding a way to broker a peace between the Geth and Quarians, or even finding a way for Joker to get some EDI love was ultimately a waste of a few hours of my life.  This ending made me feel more cheated than anything. But hey I saved the world.

    Or ending 3 the finale SCREW UP

    Shows Shepard choose to make a half and half world which was great for a few maybe but really didn't answer a single conclusion to anything.

    But and there is a huge BUT, no matter what I chose to do I destroyed the relay's.  Even then Bioware chooses to say that even though I shut every relay down by inadvertently nuking them unlike the DLC from ME2 not everyone close to a relay dies.

    Also why is the Normandy deciding to fly off into the vast nowhere so that only what seems to be four people survive?

    And what happened to all of MY crew?

    Bioware didn't bother to build an ending for Mass Effect followers and instead chose to build multiple endings for those who simply picked up this final installment.  While they should have understood they have a cult following they chose to throw an ending that answers nothing and left many of us feeling simply cheated.

    At the very least give us an epilogue of our comrades.  I understand the need to kill Shepard or whatever to close the story but to Soprano us with a blank screen ending is like a slap in the face to anyone who has ever bought into the "your choices follow you" bit that Bioware or even this magazine has placed on us.  Bioware you should have ended this with Mass Effect 2 and said lets do a whole new story where any decision you made in the past does nothing but place our past characters in a hey Shepard good luck spot as really that's all any of them did.  

    Bioware and GameInformer have shown that all it takes is a great beginning of a game to get those who have never played the ability to place this as a 9.5 or 10. But for anyone who has placed any long term faith in a game you might as well send this one back for trade in now as this at most should earn a 7.5 and a flat out 0 on replay value.

    Bioware I will never again be suckered by you and this your choices follow you BS again.


    A TRUE Game Reviewer