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  • Don't believe that 10 you see, forum goers. It's ***. The latest in a long line of "paid reviews", created for EA in order to allow GameInformer continued early access, not only to Mass Effect, but likely any other title EA sells. What you read about it in the review is nothing but praise and worship, but be wary, it's all a manufactured lie in order to continue the machine of paid reviews and whoring for hits on the web.


    It's getting out of hand, though.


    With their recent article about users giving ME3 (Mass Effect 3 from here on out) a low score being 'trolls', GI has truly hit a new low. You may as well call them 'BioInformer', or 'EAInformer'. Because it's certainly not about the games any longer; it's about the revenue.


    But what saddens me the most is that I just came to the realization that even putting this down to paper, so-to-speak, will only likely result in myself being called a troll as well.


    But I wanted to let people know GI is up to no good as far as this matter is concerned, because those people on Metacritic left reviews to let you know what -they- thought. Not what EA did.


    But I guess disagreeing with EA is trolling, now.