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Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3: Omega DLC Launch Trailer

New single-player content for Mass Effect 3 launches tomorrow, November 27, for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. The story centers on Omega ruler Aria T'loak who's out to retake the station from Cerberus control. Mass Effect 3 Omega costs $14.99 or 1200 Microsoft Points.

Electronic Arts said the content is not coming to Wii U. Check out the debut trailer below.

  • Female Turian waaaaaaaaaahhht!?!
  • I really want to buy this... but I'm still so upset about the lack of effort put into the final hour of the game...
  • Turian chicks. That alone is enough to bring me back to this game. All the other awesomeness is merely icing on the cake.
  • Sold. Nothing more to say

  • Honestly, Omega kept me on my toes every time I visited in Mass Effect 2. This seems to quell that feeling a bit.
  • ANOTHER DLC that changes NOTHING.If they want to make a sequel or prequel mass effect game they need to grow a pair get off their lazy butts and make a GOOD AND PROPER ENDING AND NOT HIDE BEHIND SOMETHING THEY LOST A LONG TIME AGO.AI can die since video games are a business and NOTHING ELSE.

    By the way,AI meant Artistic Integrity.(which Bioware has lacked since devil EA took)
  • Must have.

  • This looks so good. I may not have liked the Mass Effect 3 ending very much, but I love the universe too much at this point to leave it now. Of course, their quality single player DLC is doing a great job of making me want to come back.
  • I am so unhappy with the cheese that I ate at the last Wine & Cheese tasting. I think that I will just stick with the Wine from now on.

  • I know what I'm doing this week I might have to break the one rule on Omega lol
  • Whoot! Finaly, female Turians.

  • Really really really really want to play this! Also: female turian with biotics!

  • I'm going to love every minute of this.

  • Will wait for the reviews. I do not trust ME since 3.
  • next multiplayer DLC adds female tutians.
  • If all the new squadmates are temporary, there's no actually new armor/weapons, and it doesn't affect the story much I'm going to be pissed.
  • Been so wrapped up in school work that I forgot this was coming out this week. I'm so backed up, I haven't even been able to try Leviathan.
  • Romance aria?....hmm renegade Shepard very interested!
  • Impressive... I'll be keeping an eye on it, thats for sure.

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