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Mass Effect 3

Feast Your Eyes On The Mass Effect 3 Take Earth Back Trailer

It was teased to us on Valentines Day, but now you can check out the full Take Earth Back CG trailer for Mass Effect 3.

There are lots of reapers destroying international monuments, and Shepard jumping through the air to punch bad guys. It doesn't have any gameplay, but it does make March 6, the game's release date, seem really far away.

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  • Preeetyyyy. I am starting to worry that all of the advertisement and marketing is directed at the 360. Hopefully the PS3 version being half-baked is just a paranoid delusion of mine and won't be reflected in the real world. Demo was fun, but man it is way too hard to unlock different species in multiplayer. I just want a quarian guys! Intention should have some impact on gameplay, so I got annoyed pretty quick when all the card-drawn upgrades I got were for guns I didn't use or classes I wasn't interested in.

  • the demo on psn looks pretty good, the shooting seemed a little off, but maybe it's due to the fact that the demo is a bit old.

  • I really, REALLY, need to download that demo.

  • Well that is a trailer that really tried to say something, but just ended up with Shepard's face just staring blankly into the camera. Thanks for that Rock Star.
  • nice trailer, but anyone else here not care about earth? i'm totally willing to sacrifice earth for the greater good. humans suck.
  • kind of reminds me of the Halo 3 Finish the Fight trailer.

  • epiccc

  • Just bought Mass Effect 2 like a few days ago, yes I know I'm late to the party so shut your butt and can't wait for the 3rd!

  • Oh yeah, this is going to be awesome.

  • I haye watching videos on gameinformer, they always pause or restart from the beginning.... that video was epic, I hope their more to the multiplayer.


  • I got like 6 chills up my spine while watching this.

  • Hot damned. The end battle reminds me of the FF XII starting video. Who's the blue woman?
  • I saw the trailer last night and I got gooose bumps I can't wait(im ready to Take The Earth Back and finish this fight)Thank you Bioware for an amazing Trilogy! I am sad though too see my Shepard's story end so this will be a bittersweet game for me.

  • if they ever make a mass effect movie, i hope its cg like this trailer..

  • I'm am so excited for this game and this trailer isn't helping lol. I can't wait to see how my Shepard's story ends. The demo was like a very small, sweet taste of what looks to be a great end to this trilogy. I'm actually making a second character over my off days next week to have ready to play through with when I beat my main's story =)

  • Mod

    Prepare for the WRATH OF CTHULHU!!!!

  • After playing the demo so much and this trailer I am soooo amped for the game, Renegades rock!

  • It seems like Kaidan's death is canon, seeing that Ashley is in the trailer. I guess even bioware didn't like him