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Mass Effect 3

Feast Your Eyes On The Mass Effect 3 Take Earth Back Trailer

It was teased to us on Valentines Day, but now you can check out the full Take Earth Back CG trailer for Mass Effect 3.

There are lots of reapers destroying international monuments, and Shepard jumping through the air to punch bad guys. It doesn't have any gameplay, but it does make March 6, the game's release date, seem really far away.

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  • This is definitely what the movie should look like!

  • Great trailer. I can't wait to kill me some Reaper scum!

  • WOW!!!!.... OMG.... can't wait for it to finally come out.... please mass effect 3 come out already and put me out of my misery... hahahaha....

  • Earth Will be Free ME3 squad Up

  • I probably spent 16 hours playing the demo over the weekend. A freaking demo...When the actual game comes out I hope my wife understands my lack of interest in almost everything else.
  • Man, that is one ugly little girl.


  • This happens to come out during my spring break, so playing this is all I will be doing.

  • Got the demo this weekend.  I'm not allowing myself to touch the single player portion, but that multiplayer is just...DAMN.  6 classes, 4 characters each, class powers with branching trees, super flexible weapon loadouts and mods etc. etc. etc.

    I thought the weapon loadout vs. power cooldown time was a well thought out balance.  If I want my infiltrator to have an assault rifle or shotgun as a backup, I can do that, but I have a power cooldown penalty vs. someone who takes a lighter sidearm, or even more if they take no sidearm at all.  That kind of flexibility is just so refreshing.

    Also, combat feels really really tight.  Bravo Bioware!

  • They destroyed the sunflowers! THEY MUST BE STOPPED!

  • Again with children Bioware? I mean it was fine the first time I saw one die, but this is just getting cheap and annoying! Also, where is Ashley? I see this white woman with flickering hair who stole her armor but no actual sign of her...

  • i think that they make mass effect 3 into a movie

  • This game looks freaking epic...like something Chuck Norris would play

  • ^-- really pushing the "Epic" feel eh?

  • The trailer is fantastic even I'd it relies a bit too heavily on the whole innocence-in-the-face-of-evil cheap tactic.

  • The demo makes it seem like it's years and years away.

  • Nice cinematic trailer but it would have been better if they would have incorporated some sort of in-game footage into the trailer.

  • Considering I pre-ordered when it was first available to, it feels so close! But the trailer really doesn't help. I JUST WANT IT TO BE HERE ALREADY!!!

  • Very well done. Can't wait for this game.

  • Can't wait for ME3! I have no doubts that it will be beyond great... but I must say that so far I'm not digging the idea of "the battle for Earth". Part of what I like about the Mass Effect series is the various space locales... bring Mass Effect to Earth seems like a step backward. I'm sure I'll change my mind after playing it, though.