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  • Blog Post: Most immersive game ever

    Mass Effect 3 is one of the best games to date. It has a fast paced combat system and with Kinect on Xbox it makes you feel like Commander Shepard giving orders to your team. With new weapons customization you make the weapons you have feel like your own and give some upgrades to you team’s weapons... More
  • Blog Post: WOW!

    Perfect Game in all ways! One the graphics, some of the best i've ever seen! Also great character movements and facial gestures. Also the story is great and mysterious. But also if you've played the past two installments you will notice your past decisions changed the story of Mass Effect 3.... More
  • Blog Post: The first real space opera.

    From it's first iteration, Mass Effect has revolutionized story telling and interaction between humans and NPC by creating believable, interresting and deep conversation, all in a fantastic universe. In Mass Effect 3, the galaxy is burning, under the attack of the Reapers, giant sentient spaceships... More
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