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Great game with one glaring flaw.

Halfway through ME3 I was ready to declare it one of the greatest games I'd ever played. The gameplay was fun, the multiplayer was great, and the story was exemplary...


Until the last ten minutes. Yep, this review is more of a rant. Won't spoil anything.


The ending has a massive flaw in logic, pays NO HEED to the choices you made, despite the claims Bioware made months before the game launched, ends almost in the EXACT SAME WAY no matter what choices you made, and leaves you dead in the water. It's like the game just chucks you out of the experience, yells "BUY DLC" before slamming the door, and leaves you cold and confused in the alleyway outside. The game is still great, but if you've become emotionally invested with the franchise, get ready for a kick in the balls.


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