I absolutley loved Mass Effect 3.

Starting with the strongest point, the story was breath taking and engrossing. Paying as Commander Shepard you face the Reaper threat. A synthetic group of life forms coming to the galaxy to "reap" it of all its intelligently advanced organic life. With the best crew and an army behind you, you attempt the most daring and suicidal mission the galaxy has ever known. With an expanding environment with so many different inter-galactic species you find yourself always wanting more. Old faces from the previous games show up to assist you and the war effort. Without giving to much away, lets move to the gameplay. At the very beginning it gives you the choice to play "narrative" so you have full control over the games story, but not much action time, or "traditional" which allows you to have a firm grasp of controlling the story and an extremely entertaining live action experience. It also allows the choice of "combat" where you barely have control of the story but the gameplay and combat is enlarged. The controls feel fresh and comfortable for people who are used to shooters. The graphics are smooth and reliable. Pop-ups are rare and the anti-aliasing is smooth as a bowling ball.  The hit detection is spot on and never has you wondering why you died instead of your enemy. The artificial intelligence's keep the gameplay interesting, and has you always watching your back. Mass Effect 3 is a phenomenal game and is a game for those who enjoy RPG's, shooters, and both!