*WARNING: this review may contain minor spoilers!

First of all, I'm not going to waste your time telling you about all the great things Mass Effect 3 has to offer as Gameinformer has already done that and only that. But I will admit that Mass Effect is by far my favorite syfy series and holds a very special place in my heart right next to Bioshock and Shadow of the Colossus.


- lack of (new) squad members: in ME2, you had a 12 characters to choose from (including DLC), but it wasn't just the sheer number of choices that made each mission awesome, it was how well written each and every squad member was. I found myself looking forward to returning to the Normandy just to talk to Jack or to learn more about Thane. sadly, ME3 has cut the roster to 7 (so far). but it isn't just the lack of squad members that bugs me, it's also the lack of variety; there are no Geth, Krogan, Vorcha, Batarian, Salarian, or Drell squad members. Your teammates from ME2 also make small appearances, and though it's nice to see how they've changed since you last parted ways, it's disappointing how little you get to talk to them.

- The ending: now, I won't go into detail, but I can safely say that the ending of ME3 was by far the worst ending I've ever witnessed in any video game or Movie. The sheer amount of poorly written plot holes and circular logic is staggering and not only wrecks an otherwise wonderful series, but goes against everything Mass Effect is about. What makes it even worse is the fact that Bioware flat out lied to Mass Effect fans, promising to provide a solid ending tailored to each player's Shepard, all depending on the choices made through all three games. In reality, there is only one ending tweaked with different color schemes, as opposed to the sixteen promised. I'm sure most of you are thinking "there's no way the ending of such a well written story could be as bad as most fans claim, right?" I thought the same thing until I beat the game and felt the exact same feeling described by most fans; empty, as though everything you did since the beginning of your cosmic journey never really mattered. Bioware ought to be ashamed for releasing such an awful ending to such a beloved series.

- side Missions: this is honestly a very minor problem, but it deserves some attention. Like in past Mass Effect's, you are given side quests taking all across the galaxy, the problem is that they don't tell you where the quest objectives are. don't get me wrong, you get the name of the planet whatever you need is on, but not the mass relay. this means you need to write down every location listed with a pen and paper (old school style gaming) and explore each and every star system (some filled with Reapers) until you find the planet you need.

- Final Verdict: In it's entirety, Mass Effect is an Adventure unlike any other. never before has a game been so emotionally powerful and well written that it has driven me to tears on multiple occasions. And though the third installment commits nothing short of literary suicide in it's final moments, I would by lying to both you and myself if I did not recommend this Masterpiece.