All the news being heard about Mass Effect 3 is concerning the ending. Many find it unsuitable for such a fantastic game and fantastic series; this may or may not be the case. However, the ending to Mass Effect 3 is only the last 1% of this game. The rest of this fantastic game is being ignored.

Mass Effect 3 is no doubt the best entry in the series. It combines the best aspects of the first two and adds production value that (even for Bioware/EA) is out of this world. The gameplay and cutscenes are epic; they make you feel like you are playing movie. 

Surprisingly, multiplayer really shines here. Many dismissed the thought of Mass Effect multiplayer as an afterthought in a primarily multiplayer series. However, Mass Effect 3's horde-mode-esque online co-op experience is fun and challenging. And with multiple race/class combinations and plethora of unlocks, the replay value is up with most primarily multiplayer titles on the market.

I've played Mass Effect 3 on PC and XBox 360, and I must say the edge must certainly go to the PC version. Frame rates/animations are much smoother and online matchmaking comes together much faster. The experience is worth having on either console, but if you have the option, go for the PC.