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How to ruin the greatest video game trilogy in history

Mass Effect, I have put thousands of hours into it, loved it, and then Bioware rips my guts out with the worst possible ending they could have come up with. Not just one awful ending but three! Thanks for nothing Bioware. I may never play these 3 games again, and they are all I have played since the original came out. My gaming heart is broken, I feel betrayed. I hate you Casey Hudson and Mac Walters. I will never buy another Bioware game as long as I live. I am sure you don't care about one customer, but I am also sure there are going to many more gamers than just myself who feel this way.




  • i don't feel that way?

  • Wow, thank you for raging all over the review page. The general consensous is that people hate the ending and others love the ending. Thanks for giving abosolutely no detail about the game and just ranting about the ending, in which you never once give a reason why you dislike it.

  • SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It seems as if only the core ME Players hearts are broken. We where there from the start and waited 4 years for nothing. I still cannot understand why they could think people could accept these endings and I cant wait for a response from Bioware.