This game is HUGE. lol. it's hard to figure out were to start.  THIS GAME IS DA BOMB!!! Thats a good place, compared to the first game, this game took a huge step in innovation.  It is a huge step foward in creating cinematic gaming and the diagram system is simple and great.  The mako, a fun vehicle to drive in the begaining but a pain in the a** in the end was completly taken out but I never even realized it. okay, on with the story.

You are ofcoarse, commander shepard, savior of earth and every other species in the galaxy.  You were brought back to life by Cerberous, a "Evil" human organization.  (This will also ruin your relationship with ashley if you made that choice in the first game.)  You are building a team, to fight the collectors at there homeworld in the center of our galaxy.  beyond the omega relay there is a living hell that shepard may not come back from depending on if you do certain things or not.

To survive your so called suicide mission and this includes eveyone being alive in the end you must do 3 things:

1. Gain your teamates respect.

2. Earn alot of paragon.

3. Keep the geth robot, you will understand later on in the game.

Hope this little guide and review help.