The date is set January 26, Commander Shepard returns.Two years have passed since he everted the Reaper invasion.But now on the outer edges of occupied space, a new threat is abducting human colonies.Humanity is calling upon Shepard to save the day once again.Only this time , the universe is not responding to his cries for help. With other conflicts tearing the cosmos apart, Shepards only hope rests with Cerberus, a rogue black ops organization linked to ghastly genetic experiments and the massacre on Akuze.Suprisingly Shepard must travel the cosmos to recruit a crew for his new ship, the Normandy SR2.Shepard boards this vessel after the introductory events in Mass Effect 2, leading me to believe the game begins with the destruction, desertion, or theft of the original Normandy.At the time of this writing the whereabouts of Shepards crew are unknown.Jeff ''Joker" Moreau and Docter Chakwas still remain a part of Shepards crew.

The Normandy SR2 is a much larger vessel and sports the latest in upgrades, like an Electronic Data Interchange program that runs the vessel.The EDI is a virtual intelligence that that keeps tabs on the ships functions and can verbally communicate with the crew.Like all starships outfitted with a VI, this one offers a calming female voice (played by Tricia Helfer of Halo 3:ODST, Battlestar Galactica, and soon StarCraft 2 fame).

If you played the origanal Mass Effect.....U can choose to recover your save file, the choices you made during that quest greatly affect the journey ahead.Obviously the larger decisions you made change the direction of the game, but even minor things like the crazed fan on Citadel come back into play.If you talked to a character in the original Mass Effect, they'll remember you in Mass Effect 2.Thats all I have to write for now but I'll have some more later on all you Mass Effect lovers.