If anyone is thinking about beating Mass Effect 2 on Insanity, I have a few tips to get you started on the right foot.  First off, fly yourself to your nearest monastary to master the art of patience.  Now that you are prepared for what could be an extremely lengthy, sometimes infuriating yet thoroughly enjoyable experience, you will need to choose your class. 

Contrary to reasonable assumption, you are better off not starting with an experience character since you will start with the same limited arsenale regardless of your level.  I chose a ME1 character loadout and and with a bonus ability that complimented my class (ie. Sentinel's should not choose a sheild bonus ability since this is already a built in ability for that class).  Don't worry, if you for some reason choose a bonus ability you do not like, you can change it for 5,000 ezzo at any point in the game.  My last tip for getting started is not to pick a class on either of the extreme sides of the combat spectrum, being the Vanguard and Soldier classes.  You will want and need a well rounded Sheppard.  My preferred class is the Sentinel due to its added shielding, warp and overcharge abilities.  Also, as a side note, make sure you elect to manually use your team mates' biotic abilities (this is something you will need to learn to master). 

You first real challenge will come on your first visit to the seemingly derelict Collector Ship as you activate the platform midway through the level.  You will have to face two of those pain in the ass husks (hereinafter referred to as PITA husks) that blast shockwaves at you and your teammates from moving platforms while you fend off four waves of Collectors.  Each wave usually consists of five drones and one Harbringer.  The hardest part is surviving the first two waves since you and your team mates are surrounded, thus limiting your movement to one platform with very limited cover.  If you have it, I highly recommend you equip the Blackstorm heavy weapon.  If not, the Arc Projector or the Hailstorm will work ok. 

The team mates you choose ultimately depend on your class.  It is important that you have at least two teammates, including yourself, with the warp ability.  If you can, have Grunt with his incendiary rounds ready to rumble.  I personally had Zaeed and Miranda, which were realatively poor choices but got the job done.  You will want to place your team mates in the horseshoe housing the computer you just accessed.  You will want to take cover on the right behind the wall at the edge of the platform and ready your heavy weapon.  As soon as the husk's first shock wave passes, launch a "black hole" into the group of dones.  With any luck, you will knock out three of the drones so your teammates can focus on taking down Harbringer, who will "bunker" you if you do not put him down like Ole Yeller.  While the drones are feeling the pain from the black hole of death, send warp attacks at the PITA husk launching shockwaves at you.  If you're fortunate, the shockwaves will come towards you because you, hopefully, are smart enough to avoid them. 

When you hear your teammates inform you that reinforecements are coming, make sure to keep an eye of the left platforms.  It is vital that you are able to drop the first PITA husk before you are overly suppressed from the left.  Whenever you see reinforcements coming from a particular direction, launch a black hole towards them, which will give you invaluable breathing room, albiet short lived.  Once the right side is cleared, you can breath a sigh of releif since the worst is over. 

Now the stategy become tedious and simple.  Send your teammate with the warp ability towards the edge of the platform on your left and take cover next to him/her.  If you can, keep Grunt on the first platform or just above you on the second platform behind cover.  Your main focus is to send warp attacks at the second PITA husk until it's dropped.  This will allow Grunt to punish the Collectors without instantly depleting his shield.  In your current position, you can literally send warp attacks without risk of getting "bunkered" by Harbringer or any other drone, until all of them are defeated.  Your teammates will likely get knocked out but don't bother to revive them unless you just want to finish up this section quicker.  Bam, you're done with the hardest part.  Take a victory shot of 151 and blow the residue at a fire because you are that insane. 

Later, I will include how to put the hurt to that big Collector floaing think that zaps you with its eyes.