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Wishlist for Mass Effect 3 (Might contain Spoilers)

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  • GI will probably do their own one soon enough, but since I have time to kill I figured I'd make my own. By the way, if you haven't played it yet and will be bothered by reading anything that might even remotely hint at the game's plot or whatever, don't read it. You have been warned a second time now, so I don't want anybody making any stupid comments like "Thanks for ruining the game for me." Here are my top ten things:

    1. More side missions: Maybe they're just leaving room for some DLC, but anytime I found a planet with an anomaly, that was the only one in that given system. With so many galaxies and so many planets, there's more than enough room to have a few missions on different planets in the same system. The side missions in the second were a whole lot more engaging than the ones in the first, now just give me more of them!
    2. More variety among the crew: "More variety? You have practically every single species in the galaxy on your ship!" While there is variety already...I'm asking for more. Shepard already represents the human race, and I can understand having a few more humans along for the ride, but why have three MORE humans when there are still other races out there. Why not get a batarian pirate or maybe another one of the other species already present? If the reapers are a threat to the entire galaxy, I'm sure there are a few other races who'd want to get involved. This isn't a knock against Bioware by the way. In this second one, they've already given a few surprises for potential members. I JUST WANT MORE. (Feel free to call me greedy...)
    3. Bring back the Mako: This can actually go both ways. The Mako in the first game was a bit of a disappointment, but if they can manage to pull of something cool with some kind of vehicular gameplay, by all means GIMME! If not, I'll live...
    4. Mind the glitch:Both games have suffered from glitches that take away from the shine of this otherwise stellar universe. Characters no long shoot at walls, but all of a sudden my Shepard learns how to fly...and then run in place midair...Or Shepard suddenly has telekenis and can read the minds of people around him/her, apparently getting rid of the need for cutscenes explaining the situation and moving along the story. Glitches like these aren't frequent, but sometimes results in reloading..if you even manage to pull up the pause screen. By the way...WHY CAN'T GRUNT LEARN FORTIFICATION YET?!?! WE ACTUALLY KILLED THE FREAKIN WORM!!! What god is a krogan as a tank if he can't even tank? Yes I redid the mission and no, he still won't learn it because he's "not loyal" but can still change his outfit from white to black. Go figure...
    5. More access/interaction in/with the ship: Again, maybe this is because of planned downloadable content, but one door remains unable to be entered and you're only allowed into the bottom area of the ship when fighting off one enemy. Also, while you can now interact with some things on the ship (I could throw trash out into space for hours...)*, it would be nice to have a little more. Maybe interacting with the ships radar system or taking control of the ship's cannons. I know Shepard has people that are supposed to do that for him/her, but it still would make the ship feel more interactive.
    6. Refueling? Seriously?!: Okay look, I already spend enough cash fueling up my sorry excuse for an automobile. I don't want to waste credits fueling up a state-of-the-art war machine when I'm supposedly working for a guy with a virtually endless amount of cash. Can't HE?!?! pay for it if anything? Why have it at all? For the sake of realism? Let me know how that is when you run out between star systems, doomed to float forever in the vast nothingness of space, forced to turn upon each other when the provisions are low, your mind slowly going insane as you find less and less to do...I'll be damned if I'm going to listen to Mordin sing Singin' in the Rain as a one man show...
    7. Mineral Collecting: Please...PLEASE!!! There has got to be some way to make this less tedious. Honestly, when I was having trouble sleeping, I found myself popping this in JUST to mineral scan until I got bored enough to pass out. My record is about five minutes...
    8. More old characters: While the interactions with the old cast was for the most part satisfying, it'd be great to actually team up with Wrex again, especially with Grunt on my side as well. Just imagine the awe-inspiring sight: Two krogans charging on the battlefield, with the man/ woman who took down Saren and the Collectors leading the way...and then he/she trips over a rock. The krogans trip over him/her and then their blown to bits by a rain of bulletfire. Just kidding. But that would suck, right?
    9. Romance Options: Honestly, I don't care all that much about this (My character ended up getting it on with Tali. How much of a turn on do you honestly think I was going for?), but it's a great way to develop relationships even further and as it is now it's nice, but there could be more. I'm not talking about turning ME into some kinda freaky alien dating sim (though I bet some would love that), but there's more to these kind of relationships than a few slightly cheesy one liners and a "suggestive" cutscene. Although, in my case that whole scene with Tali made my sister go "Aww..."
    10. More combat options: You can't really take the stealth approach when your gun is loud enough to shatter your own eardrums. Maybe it's just me, but I'd love to have the ability to use silencers, knives maybe, or even some explosives. Firefights between cover is great, but with sniper rifles and the ability to go virtually invisible, there should be more ways to take the stealth approach.


    So that's about it. This list was actually created by my sister and myself. I'm sure there are others out there who've made their own lists, so go ahead and share em. Or just comment on this one.

  • Mass Effect 2 was a great game that really only needed some deeper RPG elements to make it a perfect game.

    Unfortunetly for me, that watering down of the RPG elements really hurt my feelings for it since moving the series to a FPS is NOT something that I wanted to see.

    However they did make IMHO many improvements in pt. 2  which some people might find tedious while I find it more immersing.

    So overall my wishlist boils down to bringing back some RPG elements to make the game deeper in those respects as I would hate that the next one keeps with the FPS idea and ends up being paper thin like a normal FPS usually is.

  • I agree with you grunt I didn't enjoy that they watered down the RPG elements. that mean I WANT MY INVENTORY BACK BIOWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BioWare should stick to what they do producing the highest quality RPG's in the gaming industry and if they continue to keep on watering down the RPG elements of the Mass Effect series they will loose a big chunk of their fan base including me.

  • my wish list: bring back kaiden/ ashley.

    beastly space battles(friken sweet!!!)

    more stealth-like crew members that fire AFter you start if the enemy doesnt  know your there(If I had a nickel for every time i wanted to headshot an unaware biotic and my teamates blew my cover i would be a trillionare)

    better credit system. it's fine and all but i can get broke after buying just one thing so it needs tuning

  • Stop the streamlining... I want an actual RPG just like ME1, inventory and all. No more upgrades and armory and all that. I don't want to play Gears of War, I want Mass Effect. Keep the combat intact but other than that, I want ME3 to play like ME1, just with awesome revamped combat.

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  • Less glitches.

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  • Able to explore any planet.

  • I agree with much of what EuphoricEnnui said.I a big fan of ME2's formula compared to ME.With that being said I Like the Hammerhead better compared to the Mako.The other thing is the mineral collecting in both games sucked big time.So there needs to be a makeover in this section of the game.Which happens to be the only parts I dont care for.As far as im concerned ME2 is the greatest game ever created. So with that being said ME3 follows the lines of ME2 and averything will be like reaching nirvana for me.

  • 1. Bring back the inventory pweeez

    2. More sniper ammo

    3. "Engage enemy" button you can toggle on/off for squad members

    4. Get rid of resources. Maybe you can just search for different parts a crew member will need to upgrade parts of the ship or something like that

    5. Get rid of fuel. Waste of time and money, nuff sedd.

    6.. Maybe allow augmentations on armor and weapons for added damage, health or shield. (similar to Dragon Age enchantments)

    7. Like Euphoric said, "...there should be more ways to take the stealth approach." Silencers and other attachments would be great. I'm not saying go all Call Of Duty on us but you guys will think of something :)

    8. Have side missions impact the bigger picture more significantly and have better rewards other than credits and a good feeling

    9. Did i mention a little something about bringing back the inventory

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  • well Bioware has heard your prayers!! they say they will be adding in a lot of new RGP elements back in! hopefully to depth of ME1 :D

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