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Mass Effect 2 Blog Guidelines
  • Space Exploration Takes Second Place to Character and Story

    Let me be honest, I got so bored/frustrated with Mass Effect (the first one), that I had to bribe my cousin to play it for me. I had gotten stuck at a point where I didn’t have a previous save to fall back on and didn’t like the idea of replaying... More
  • Epic Sci Fi shooter/RPG and fascinating intergalactic encyclopedia in one.

    Mass Effect 2 isn't the best RPG I've played but it's the best shooter I've played.Mass Effect 2 isn't just a game but it's an entertaining fictional intergalactic encyclopedia because it's codex provides detailed information... More
  • A great sci-fi epic.

    Opinion on Mass Effect 2 by Bony 4D What I like about Mass Effect 2 The larger variety of enemies In Mass Effect 1 I didn’t like the fact that I was mostly killing Geth. Sure I fought the husk and other aliens and zombies, but most of the time it... More
  • Arguably the best in the series

    This game is arguably the best in the series, at least in terms of role-playing. It really makes you feel for the characters and feel as if you're playing in Shepard's shoes. While the combat isn't as evolved as Mass Effect 3, it is still... More
  • A Big Pile of 'Meh'

    Now, before you rabid Mass Effect fans who think that this series is the greatest to ever exist start mauling me, I should probably tell you that I like this game. It's just that there's nothing really special about it in my opinion. In this game... More
  • Science Fiction At Its Finest...

    Mass Effect 2 "Science Fiction At Its Greatest" Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360, PC Creator/Producer: Bioware and EA ESRB Rating : Mature Genre : Third Person Science Fiction R.P.G. It took me almost three years to decide if I was going to buy this... More
  • Love the Space travel.

    Best Alien game out there. More
  • Truely a masterpiece

    Everything in this game is flawless nothing more to say. You must try this before you buy mass effect 3.Because there is more story and more planets to explore. I recommend this to anyone. More
  • Mass Effect 2: Blastoise Review

    I'm not too sure how to kick this one off. I could start with how the introduction completely hooks you in & ends with a bang. Or I could narrorate the epic scale & the grandeur of the universe for this series. I could also compare & contrast... More
  • Movies have Star wars, TV has Star trek, and Videogames have Mass effect 2

    When I first heard Mass effect 2 was coming to PS3, I preordered it immediately. When it came out, it was amazing. Incredible sci-fi adventure that will keep you coming back for more, and more, and more. Mass effect 2 is phenominal. Graphics are pretty... More
  • okay game

    this is a decent game for people that loves 3rd person games or the series. It has good shooting, good dialoge, and choices that matter. but suffer from the lack of emotion and some problems like controls and glitches and bad ai More
  • A very good game with a few flaws.

    I loved "Mass Effect 2" just i didn't live up to my expectations. All the media hype and the high coming of the first one, I was ready for amazing story, gameplay, and music. I got the gameplay and music but not the story. I really started... More
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