Let me be honest, I got so bored/frustrated with Mass Effect (the first one), that I had to bribe my cousin to play it for me.  I had gotten stuck at a point where I didn’t have a previous save to fall back on and didn’t like the idea of replaying the entire game just to get to where I was.  I ended up having to finish the game, but with his help, I flew through it.  A couple weeks ago I was staring at my gaming queue (stack of games that need to be played) and saw Mass Effect 2 at the top of the queue.  I hesitated, wondering how bad this would be in comparison to the first game.  Needless to say, a week and a half later, I finished the game.


This game is quite a few years old, so I don’t feel like there is much that needs to be said about the story, gameplay or the usual stops on any self-respecting review.  The story was great.  The characters were rich.  The gameplay was vastly improved from the first game.  I had gotten really stuck/confused in the first game with the upgrade system.  The strategy guide did little to help me pick the right path.  I still don’t think I picked all the right powers or ammo upgrades.  I honestly don’t even know where I was supposed to change the type of ammo, but that didn’t stop me from finishing the game.


I have played involving RPG style games and this one echoed that on many levels, but not quite.  I breezed through the game, cultivated relationships and bought lots of upgrades after mining planets.  Did I feel affected by the game?  No, not really.  I had hoped that the decisions I had made would make some difference, but the ending was anticlimactic and canned.  I felt let down once the game was over and the credits began to roll.  I won’t say that I didn’t have fun or didn’t enjoy the game.  Now I’m not sure what to expect from Mass Effect 3, only a few games away in the queue.