Opinion on Mass Effect 2 by Bony 4D

What I like about Mass Effect 2

The larger variety of enemies

In Mass Effect 1 I didn’t like the fact that I was mostly killing Geth. Sure I fought the husk and other aliens and zombies, but most of the time it was the Geth that came between me and my objective.  Bioware fixes this problem by putting different mechs and aliens throughout Mass Effect 2. They all had different fighting patterns and reacted differently when I shot them. I really liked those subtle touches.

Better Side Missions 

In Mass Effect 1 the game lets you explore a large variety of planets, but most of the planets felt the same because the environments were just craters and mountains surrounding large plains and were just painted different colors to keep people in the illusion they were travelling the universe, when in reality you were in the same place with different paint job. Mass Effect 2 resolves this problem by eliminating the ability of exploring most of the planets and instead lets you scan the surfaces of planets that will sometimes contain a beacon or distress call that will permit you to travels the planet’s surface and resolve the problem. These side missions are take place in a unique setting most of the time, I’ve only experienced a repeated mission once.

Less time in the menus

In Mass Effect 1 I had a problem with hoarding thousands of upgrades and weapons that I didn’t necessarily need. I spent several minutes turning most of my inventory into omni gel just so I can avoid the warning message of being over encumbered soon. This gripe is more for me or other players like me. Mass Effect 2 gives you a small variety of weapons, but I didn’t complain because they gave me what I need and they made these weapons last by giving me upgrades that I didn’t have to store in my inventory and where automatically placed in my weapon after reaching the materials needed to create them.

Subtle hints from the past

I really liked how Bioware took the extra effort on making letters from the minor characters that I helped in the first game. It made me feel like I made difference and kept me immersed even more in the Mass Effect universe. Also meeting characters like the reporter, the agent, and Conrad Verner were priceless I won’t spoil anything for anyone who hasn’t played the game yet.

The game’s A.I.

I love this game’s A.I. it’s done real well. My comrades performed several of their skills  tactically during combat sessions and the enemy did a great job taking cover and never losing their eye on me, even during flanking maneuvers. 


What I didn’t like

Mining minerals & hacking segments.

I give this game a 9.75 out of 10