Now, before you rabid Mass Effect fans who think that this series is the greatest to ever exist start mauling me, I should probably tell you that I like this game. It's just that there's nothing really special about it in my opinion. In this game, you take control of Commander Shepard as you try to save the galaxy. And there's our first problem. The entire overarching story is a generic 'save the universe by recruiting the best team possible'. Now, the story isn't bad at all. It's just 'meh'. I will say that the best part about this game are the characters. These chracters shine, no matter what kind they are, be it squad member, NPC, villain. And I especially loved being able to do loyalty missions for each member, and possibly pursuing a romantic relationship. That is cool. Also, I loved the whole morality choices with the Paragon and Renegade choices. Ahem, back to the 'meh'. The gameplay is just typical third-person shooter stuff. You've got different types of guns (which all felt basically the same to me), and you've got the cover system. Bioware tries to mix things up with the Biotic powers, but I almost never used them. At all. I just didn't need to. I have no idea if they become more useful on harder modes, but I was sorely disappointed. Now, let's talk about leveling. You acquire skill points (or squad points, can't remember which) as you level up. You can use these points to increase your abilities. If only you actually had a variety. Depending on which class you choose, Shepard has around 5-7. Every other main party member has like 3-4. So all in all, this game is 'meh' through and through. The characters and morality choices are where this game shine (and also kudos to Jennfier Hale as Fem Shep). Throw in some very tedious sidequests (like mining planets via probes), and what do you have? 'Meh'.