Some games define genres,others define game platforms,but Mass effect 2 is one of the few games that define games as a whole.

For most gamers the real question about Mass Effect 2 was not will it be amazing,but how amazing will it be,well I am happy to say Mass Effect 2 not only meets the high expectation,but far exceeds them.First I will start with the beautiful graphics with vastly improved art design over the original.The next thing you will notice when playing is the fast paced combat. Combat is contains much more action than the original,while some might see that as "dumbing down the game" I see it as Bioware making smart design decisions to improve the overall experience.The final aspect of the game is story ,the story in Mass Effect 2 is complex and thrilling as Shepard must learn about his interesting crew members in order to prepare them for a life or death mission.

Sure,some minor glitches appear but, nowhere near enough do not detract from the experience.In short Mass Effect 2 is one game all gamers should play.