Okay, I know I'm late to party when it comes to finishing Mass Effect 2. But this was the first time I've played a game on the PC, normally I would prefer a PS3 version of it, mainly because my computer is unable to handle much... But it surprisingly handled Mass Effect 2 with ease and man, I just say it is by far one of the most entertaining game I have ever played.  The story is fantastic and I really got attatched to the characters. (especially Garrus) I found myself pondering what would happen if I made a certain choice and I felt like if I made the wrong one than something really negative could come out of it.

Now, I played both Dragon Age: Origins(Gamestop for 18bucks(: and the expansion for the same price) and Dragon Age 2 with all of it's current DLC (which is only the prince) and I would have to say that at that time my favorite RPG was easily Dragon age: Origins. BUt after playing this I have to switch my vote. Bioware makes fantastic games, and Mass Effect 2 is one of the greatest i've ever played.

Oh, the slight spoiler I was referring to would be the ONLY thing I didn't adore about this game.

I had the difficulty on normal, and I had the Cain, and the before the final boss battle I had the mentality of "okay, I just made that giant thing fall, now it's going to be pissed and it'll take a lot to kill it", I don't know if the Cain is just THAT good or if the difficulty wasn't difficult enough, because I hit it once with the Cain and it was done. Took its health down 100%. But it was still pretty awesome, I was thinking in my head, trying not to yell "Yeah! F*ck you!"

All in all, wonderful game, 10-10