Minor spoiler alert ahead! : The first sequence blew my expectations out of the water a unknown ship takes away a colony ship full of humans shepard goes and explores it then all hell breaks loose a giant ass ship comes and destroys the ship ripping through it's shields  and sends shepard and half the crew down with it. He wakes up in a cerberus ship 3 years later and then is reunited with his ship, ( V. 2.0 ) and his crew he then goes out to save the galaxy from these things called Collectors that are taking away humans from colonies. Along the way he assembles a crew and meets some old friends. There are a few flaws with this game like, Scanning the planets for resources, and the RPG system. Overall the good strongly over weighs the bad.  I would strongly recomend the game to any and every one. Also it is my pick for game of the year.