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Marvel Synopsis

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds

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Marvel Synopsis

Character Synopsis: Marvel.

·        Captain America: Although Cap has some options at range, like the Charging Star and Shield Throw, Captain America is best used close to medium range, where his devastating combos can be used. Stars and Stripes does good damage, and can be great to combo in or out of, but it’s very easily blocked. His basic stats are impressive, dealing good damage with his basic blows, but his Hyper Combos are underwhelming, leaving you with limited options.   He’s not the most adept at air combat, but can usually hold his own.  His assists are unimpressive, usually causing him more damage than he deals.

·        Deadpool: Deadpool’s greatest asset is his incredible speed. He has the projectiles to play a good keep away game, but can be an effective close up fighter as well.  Pineapple Surprise is a great technique, causing good damage and causing separation from your opponent, giving you space to shoot him to pieces. His light attacks are very fast, and can often interrupt other characters attacks. His Hyper Combos are humorous, but are not as powerful as other peoples. While he has a decent air game, his launch lacks range, sometimes making it hard to get people in the air.

·        Doctor Doom: Doom is a very strong fighter, having a host of powerful offensive and defensive abilities. His Molecular Shield and Photon Array are very effective defensive maneuvers, and should be used aggressively. Both his assists and Hyper Combos are excellent, and his projectile game is strong. He really only lacks speed, and it can be difficult to close in with him. Otherwise, he is a great choice to bring as an assist character. Use his Level 3 Hyper offensively to break up combos. It tends to catch people off guard, and deals massive damage.

·        Dormammu: When used correctly, Dormammu can be absolutely devastating.  He is a brute, possessing brutal basic strikes and multiple abilities that do massive damage. Be sure to power him up with his Dark Spell moves constantly, as it makes him stronger and opens up new moves. Harness the powers of the Creator and the Destructor! His moveset is varies, and has options at every range. Dark Hole keeps enemies where you want them, and Liberation removes from where you don’t. But the Lord of Chaos really shines up close. His Hyper Combos decimate up close, and his great launch attack sets up surprisingly fast air combos. A great all around character.

·        Hulk: Good news for fans of MvC 2, the Hulk finally learned how to fight in the air! To great effect actually. Hulk’s greatest features are his stellar stats. He takes little damage, making an awesome tank for your team make-up.  His move set revolves around juggles, keeping enemies incapacitated so he can hurt them…a lot.  Hulk Smash isn’t just a catchphrase anymore, it’s a versatile move that can launch enemies into the air, smash them back down, and keep them bouncing. His gamma related moves help him close the distance somewhat, but if you’re playing as Hulk, you want to remain as close as possible to them.  Because of his size, and lack of effective projectiles, it can be easy to eat waves of fireballs.  Close the gap!  His assists are to be used similarly in close combat, as are his Hypers.

·        Iron Man: Iron Man is one of the most versatile characters on MvC 3.  At every range, he has a number of tricks to get him out of trouble. Uni-Beam is an effective projectile beam, Smart Bomb keeps them at range, and Repulsor Blast punishes them for getting too close.  His attacks are all both quick and powerful, with multiple ways to combo into and out of his moves.  His Proton Cannon Hyper Combo is an excellent way to either end a combo, or interrupt an opponents attack.  It’s fairly quick, and has the added effect of knocking back an enemy if they are too close, setting them up perfectly.  He can fly, and usually has little chance of being outmaneuvered in a fight.  His assists are likewise versatile, so set him up to compliment your other characters abilities.

·        Magneto: With Magneto, employing a variety of ranges is the key to survival. He has a Disruptor Beam for long distances, as well as his Hyper Gravitation move that brings enemies in. His basic move set is best suited for medium range.  His strikes have fairly good distance, but his relatively low speed can get him pummeled on the inside.  Force Field is an excellent counter that helps balance this out, and should be used both aggressively and often. His Hyper Combos all do massive damage, but are ineffective at a distance.  Use him a main, and assist with him sparingly, to make the best of his high damage capabilities.

·        M.O.D.O.K:  M.O.D.O.K. is a highly technical character, button mashers need not apply. There are two words you need to know to effectively use M.O.D.O.K.: Analyze Cube! Again, and again…and again. It is not only an excellent keep away move that can be employed at all ranges, a key to using M.O.D.O.K. to his full potential, but every time you use it, it powers up his Psionic Meter, making all Psionic abilities more powerful!  You see the potential.  His easy to use Barrier also powers up along with it, and is perfect for keeping people where you want them. It even allows him to use a Jamming Bomb, reversing the other characters controls! But be careful, his basic stats are sub-par, and gets absolutely wrecked in air combat.

·        Phoenix:  Phoenix is a very high risk/high reward type character.  Her moves all deal an insane amount of damage, her combo chains can stretch ridiculously far, and she is the only character that can heal herself.  What’s more, if her Hyper Combo gauge is full at time of death, she returns fully powered as Dark Phoenix, getting full health and an added boost to her power.  She is an incredibly strong aerial combatant, with numerous ways to quickly get around the battlefield.  All of this does come with a downside however.  She takes more damage than anybody else, and can go down alarmingly quick at the start of a fight, especially if your opponent has X-Factor induced. 

·        Sentinel: Size does matter after all!  This boy has some range.  Sentinel is a great juggle combatant, preferring moves that pinpoint specific spots and dominating them.  His strikes are excellent, with some reaching a third of the way across the screen.  His launch move is particularly devastating, but unfortunately he doesn’t have the aerial combat chops to truly capitalize on that.  Sentinel Force is a great projectile that can be aimed where you want, and Rocket Punch does nice damage at medium range, but that’s about it as far as moves go.  Be careful with him though, he makes for a very big target, and tends to eat a lot of damage.

·        She-Hulk: If you’re a fun of the projectile game, and prefer to keep some distance between you and your opponent, stay far, far away from She-Hulk.  However, if you can deal with the up-close combat, and the barebones offering of moves she has, She-Hulk can be quite a surprise.  Her basic stats are excellent, she takes some of the least damage in the game.  All of her moves can be combo’d into and out of in multiple ways, and, although her moves have no long range, all of her strikes have very good distance.  Her Hyper Combos all require you to be literally right next to your opponent, so it’s very important not to stay too far away, no counters or projectiles to keep you safe. 

·        Spider-Man: Like to move around a lot? Tired of sitting still all the time? Are you a huge fan of campy one-liners?  Then Spider-Man may be just the person for you.  An incredibly agile and mobile combatant, Spider-Man’s combo game puts many to shame.  He works best when his opponents can’t flank him, so use him against larger opponents, or make great use of his debilitating Web Ball.  Web Ball makes a great assist, and should also be used, ideally in conjunction with Web Swing, to close the gap, and get folks into the air, where Spider-Man really shines.  Maximum Spider is easily used to cap a combo, and Ultimate Web Throw deals massive damage to an airborne foe. Both should be used frequently. 

·        Storm: Personally, Storm is one of my favorite characters.  She is a fantastic striker that, while not dealing the most impressive damage, can use her superior range and quickness to decimate fools.  Her move set is ferocious, combining range and power in impressive quantities. Whirlwind is a competent projectile attack, but Typhoon is the real gem. It’s nasty.  Most are, however, slow to pull off, making timing very important when using her.  Her Hyper Combos negate a little of that.  Lightning Storm is an excellent way to punish enemies that get too close, and if they like to assist, Hail Storm can decimate a whole team. The animation takes a little time, but it works from across the screen, and its instant hit capabilities usually negate a block.

·        Super-Skrull: Super-Skrull is an offensive monster.  Possessing all of the Fantastic Four’s powers, Super-Skrull puts them to great use.  He does more damage with his strikes than most, and his Chun-Li like Tenderizer is always a formidable combat option.  Most of his moves are combos in and of themselves, and are useful at various ranges.  Inferno is a devastating Hyper, that can destroy half of someone’s life bar.  His assist’s are frankly unimpressive, but Super-Skrull can be a fantastic main for your group if your focusing on dealing as much damage as possible.

·        Taskmaster: If you’re facing an opponent who favors the turtle style of defensive play, then Taskmaster may be just the character you’re looking for.  He only has three base moves, and all appear to be unimpressive at first glance, but each one has a combo that can only be activated when its respective move is blocked.  And with taskmaster’s brutal basic damage, you can be assured your enemies will be blocking often, or pay with their lives.  His Hyper Combos round him out well also.  Legion Arrow inflicts a lot of damage for a simply projectile Hyper, and the Aegis Counter is easy to pull off, and can save your life if employed at the right time. His assists are particularly good, each one tailored to a specific situation that you should learn and exploit.

·        Wolverine:  A perennial favorite, if you don’t know who he is at this point, you might want to be picking another game.  Wolverine is the best at what he does, and what he does is destroy people in up close and personal combat.  Those claws aren’t for show and, although he has a few ways to close the gap, you should remain as close as possible to make full use of them.  Wolverine is a combo powerhouse, and can attain huge chains in short periods of time.  He’s a great character for beginners, as there isn’t much subtlety to his play style.   His defense is amazing, so don’t worry too much about swapping licks with your foe, as Wolverine will win most such match-ups.

·        X-23: Speed, finesse, and grace are the calling cards of Wolverine’s feminine side, X-23.  In the right hands, X-23 can finish people off with one continuous combo.  Without a doubt one of the fastest characters in the game, X-23 prefers to keep combat on the inside, with almost no ways to mix it up at a distance.  She also possesses an intriguing level 3 Hyper. She turns invisible, allowing the player to beat down their opponent at their leisure.  She is an absolutely ridiculous air combatant, second only to Viewtiful Joe.  Her other Hypers are pretty standard, but are great ways to finish one of her many combos.  Her assists usually aren’t very helpful, but if air combat is your thing, or the fine art of subterfuge, bring X-23 along for the ride.