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Capcom Synopsis

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds

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Capcom Synopsis

Character Synopsis: Capcom


·        Akuma:  While not quite as user friendly as Ryu, Akuma possesses a lot of easy to use moves and solid stats, making him a very good main for any team.  However, he also has many advanced moves, and almost his whole set has some sort of alternate ability you can attach to it. Learn these and apply them to your strategy to use Akuma at full effectiveness.  His assists come in distinct, but useful, flavors, and should be used strategically.  His is strength is his versatility, so don’t get caught up in a pattern.  Many other fighters can outclass Akuma in one discipline, especially speed, but few can fight him on all fronts.  Don’t forget Backflip and Ashura Senku, both can get you behind an opponent for maximum damage.

·        Ameterasu: Aside from the absolutely stunning visual treat you get from playing Ameterasu, you’ll find that she can be as much a physical treat.  In the hands of someone who knows how to work the basic combo system, Ammy can deal massive amounts of damage with her strikes, and can often interrupt other’s attacks with her own speedy licks.  Her Hypers are a mixed bag.  Okami Shuffle is nice, but Vale of Mist is awful.  Note that she has three different weapons, activated by down, down, and one of the attack buttons, and that each gives you a different move set.  Exploit them all.

·        Arthur:  Arthur exists to serve the projectile *** in all of us.  This guy can, and should, launch his lances, arrows, bombs, daggers, and dragons with stunning control and power.  Obviously this makes him an attractive long range assist character, but don’t think that’s all he can do.  While lacking immense powers, his quick strikes and solid air combat skills make him a reliable up close fighter as well.  His unique Golden Armor Hyper should be exploited near the end of his life, because, when it’s busted, he takes extra damage until you replace it.  If an opponent likes to assist a lot, use his Level 3 For The Princess Hyper to decimate them, and marvel at how beautiful it is

·        Chris:  They give the impression that Chris got kind of pulled into this world, but this man came packing some serious heat.  Chris plays the projectile game almost exclusively, to the detriment of most other forms of combat.  He’s quite hardy, allowing him to soak up damage, and deal it right back at range.  Use his Shotgun and Stun Gun to keep enemies from getting to close, and blast them with relentless gunfire.  He can even go prone and take pot shots with his Magnum, making him a difficult target.  There can be trouble if your foe gets in your face, particularly speedy ones, but use him right and they’ll never get the chance.

·        Chun-Li:  It’s hard to say much about Chun-Li that most of you don’t already know.  You know about the devastating kicks, you probably know about her slow but powerful Kikoken and you might not know that her thighs weigh two hundred pounds each.  Chun-Li is a fan favorite for a reason, and her Hyakuretsukyaku, (yes, it’s actually called that) a.k.a. Thousand Rending Kicks is a big part of why.  It is a very easy to use maneuver that even the noobiest noob can spam, and that’s part of her appeal.  But true pugilists know that those are brutal when used to cap a combo, not to mention her very good Hyper Combos.

·        C. Viper: If you didn’t know any better, you might be fooled into thinking that C. Viper kinda sucks.  Her move set certainly isn’t the most accessible one, requiring often tricky timing and space to use correctly.  However, when applied in the right manner, she can seamlessly and systematically destroy someone.  EX Burning Kick is a great opener for almost any combo, and Thunder Knuckle is just as good a closer.  Her Hypers deal huge damage, particularly her Level 3 Full Throttle, which kills half a health bar when landed.

·        Dante: Many people, arguably, consider Dante to be the most dominant character in the game.  He’s certainly a blast to play as, with a whopping 32 unique moves at his disposal, he doesn’t lack for combat options.  He can hit you from any range, and can close any gap with ruthless efficiency, where he can absolutely dominate in hand-to-hand and air combat.  His sword, Rebellion, gives him excellent range, and he has perhaps the best launch attack in the game.  He can even activate his iconic Devil Trigger mode, increasing all of his already considerable stats.  He lacks only a single high damage move, but otherwise, it’s difficult to hate on Dante.

·        Felicia: If you can manage to take your eyes off the jiggle physics long enough, (I saw you staring) you’ll find a fighter than can fit in well no matter what team you’re looking for.  While short on long-range attacks, Felicia is a ferocious up-close fighter who can do it all.  Combining speed, power, and versatility in a small package, Felicia can buff her attack strength with Kitty’s Helper, and both her regular, assist, and Hyper versions of Rolling Buckler are excellent moves that can close the gap, deal damage, and provide a jump in point for her nice air combos.  Don’t let her bubbly personality fool you, she’s brutal.

·        Haggar:  The Capcom version of the Incredible Hulk, Mike Haggar is a guy that’s been around for a little while.  The wrestler turned Mayor is a brutal tank, and should be used up close and personally.  He has a variety of throws and juggles at his command, but his options at range are fairly limited.  If you can manage to stay close to your opponent, Haggar can be a force, and his throws and Hyper Combos should be exploited as often as possible to exploit that.  He is surprisingly adept at air combat, and he can take more of a licking than most people.  He does lack speed in his strikes, so make the best of his fists with Spinning Lariat and Violent Axe to open yourself up for more combos.

·        Hsien-Ko: Hsien-Ko is a unique character to say the least, and probably gets played a lot less that most others.  However, learn to use her and you could be in for a surprise.  Hsien-Ko relies and speed and trickery to dismantle the opposition.  She brings a surprising versatility to the battlefield, (and a healthy dose of Japanese anime charm), and it all starts with her varied move set.  Senpu Bu and Anki Hou are both fantastic long range options, bringing both speed and power.  Henkyo Ki is respectable as a mid-range attack, and Houten Geki wrecks people who get too close as, does Hyper Tenrai Ha.  However, in most cases, it’s better to stick with the superior damage dealing Hyper Chiretou.  Her assists are likewise useful, but she isn’t a great striker, so assisting is defiantly her best role.

·        Morrigan:  a\A returning favorite from Marvel vs. Capcom 2, everyone’s favorite Darkstalker is back with a whole new bag of tricks.  Morrigan excels at air combat.  Boasting the ability to fly, with multiple projectiles and throws, she can be effective anywhere on the battlefield, but especially in the air.  Her quickness in aerial combat is hard for many to match, and many of her combos get you in a position to do just that.  Her basic strikes have decent range and power, but it can be difficult to get up close and use some of her more powerful moves, such as Vector Drain and her Level 3 Hyper Darkness Illusion, both of which deal incredible damage.  Her assists run the usual gambit, so pick them accordingly and Morrigan be a great fit for your team.

·        Ryu:  If this is your first time playing a Capcom fighter, it’s probably best to start with Ryu.  One of the most incredibly versatile characters in the game, Ryu’s mix of great stats and awesome moves make him very tough to beat.  All the staples are there, Hadoken is awesome as always, and moves like Tatsumaki Senpukyaku and Jodan Geri are great for keeping your opponents close or far respectively.  Most of his moves are air OK, and, when combined with his excellent speed and power, make him a deadly air combatant.  His Level 3 Hyper deals great damage, but you have to be super close to get it to connect.  His other two Hypers are excellent in their respective ranges, and Shinku hadoken can absolutely wreck an assist character.

·        Spencer:  Hey, Spencer learned how to jump!  Spencer has few moves, but the way they interact off of each other is the real treat for Spencer fighters.  His Wire Grapple can be used to combo into a multitude of moves, and should be used often.  That arm is there for a reason!  It has a small charge window, but Armor Breaker is an excellent counter move, interrupting most other people’s moves and combos.  His assists are particularly good, from any range, and his Hypers are both a great way to close the gap (Bionic Lancer) or make them do it instead (Bionic Maneuvers).  His stats are above average, but he has trouble holding his own in hand to hand combat, so make the most of his maneuvers and subsequent combos to use him most effectively. 

·         Trish: The supernatural demon hunter from the original Devil May Cry makes her fighting game debut alongside Dante in MvC3.  Like Dante, she is an absolute wrecking machine when used correctly.  One of the top five aerial combatants in the game no doubt, Trish brings flight, multiple air traps, and some impressive range to dominate the sky.   Besides Low Voltage, Trish’s moves revolve around the concept of trapping your opponents, then finding various ways to get them into said traps.  Like Phoenix, she deals and takes a lot of damage, but not to near the extents that Phoenix does.  As far as Hyper’s go, Maximum Voltage is OK, but Round Harvest is incredible, and should be used as often as possible. Just make sure to keep her out of harm’s way, work the traps, and enjoy this devil temptress.

·         Tron: When playing with any filthy rich adolescent girl who commands robots, control is the most important lesson to learn.  Trust me.  This holds true for Tron Bonne as well, as her and her Servbots can exert a mean amount of control of their foes.  Beacon Bomb is a staple of her attacks, and much like Spiderman’s Web Sling, freezes enemies in their place so you can wreck havoc on them.  Her impressive power and  numerous short distance combos and throws, especially her various Shakedown attacks,  make for an impressive up close fighter, but, when far away, don’t hesitate to use Beacon Bomb to close the gap.  She is particularly adept at assists, with all of them providing nice range and damage, and a satisfying mix of Hypers can guarantee that Tron can help in almost any situation.

·         Viewtiful Joe: Without a doubt my favorite air combatant, if speed and elusiveness are your thing, Viewtiful Joe is right up your alley.  Once perfected, Air Joe (yes, that’s the name of the move) becomes a beacon of destruction, wrecking fools in the air, and frustrating them to the point of madness.  Up close, his speed is difficult to match, and he can take a decent amount of damage. Viewtiful God Hand Hyper even slows enemies down, allowing you to exploit Joe’s speed even more. Unfortunately, he lacks power in all of his moves.  When fighting with Joe, matches tend to turn into a battle of attrition, so swap him out often so he doesn’t lose much health.

·         Wesker:  One of the more technical characters around, Wesker is an interesting study into the theory of defensive play.  It’s alarmingly easy to jump in and just deal a lot of damage with him, but, for those who take the time to learn his nuances, he can be a countering nightmare.  His Hyper Counter should be used to break combos, and then start your own with his incredible speed.  His Magnum Shot (Forward + Heavy) is such a hard way to take somebody out, but it serves a more practical purpose of being one of the fastest and strongest projectiles in the game.  Wesker has numerous options to get above, around, and behind his opponents, like Phantom Move and Jaguar Dash for example, and a variety of throws type moves to capitalize. 

·         Zero: Although it’s hard to say for sure, I think Zero is my favorite character.  As far as basic strikes and combos go, nobody can match Zero in terms of speed and damage.  He is a ferocious air combatant, with his launch attack and Rekkoha being particularly punishing.  He can charge any of his strikes into a Hyper Buster attack, and his projectile and rush attacks are top notch.  Combo his basic strikes into a launch, then hit them with Rekkoha while they are helplessly flailing to the ground.  Sougenmu can even be activated as a Hyper Combo, increasing his speed and strength, and lasting longer than other’s similar abilities.  He doesn’t have the greatest armor in the world, but when you’re unleashing a never ending storm of sword strikes, it seems to be a pretty good trade.