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MvC 3 Jill Valentine And Shuma Gorath Impressions

One is a former S.T.A.R.S. member. The other is a tentacled, inter-dimensional cyclops. Together they make up the new DLC characters for Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds. I recently downloaded said add-on and went a few rounds with the intriguing new contenders.

Being the Resident Evil fan I am, I immediately checked out Jill Valentine. She’s sporting her latex jumpsuit from Resident Evil 5, and the all the feline-like abilities Wesker bestowed upon her. Jill specializes in a series of lightning-quick kick attacks along with several advanced throws, making her an up-close-and-personal pugilist. Her most unique power allows her to crouch like a feral cat and teleport around the screen, which is perfect for slipping under jumping enemies and retaliating from behind. Her hyper-combos include spinning machine gun jump and a flurry of devastating kicks. Overall, Jill is a great addition to the MvC 3 roster, but I would have preferred moves with more personality like her old zombie summoning and rocket launcher.

Shuma Gorath is the other new DLC newbie begging to be downloaded. His fluid animations and spiky attacks hark back to his Marvel vs. Capcom 2 days, giving longtime fans a nostalgic treat. I love that he can shoot sticky eyeballs onto foes, which then detonate to lengthen combos. His lack of speed is compensated for by a lengthy eye laser beam and the ability to transform into a spike ball and sail through the air. His extended eyebeam hyper-combo delivers a double dose of pain, and the other turns him into a venus flytrap-like creature which sends the victim through a damaging dimensional vortex. Shuma Gorath is a wacky fighting game character, and I’m glad Capcom chose to bring him back.

If I had to choose only one of these characters to download, I’d have to go with Shuma Gorath, despite my love for Resident Evil. He has crazy animations, a more varied move set, and a MODOK-like WTF factor. These two fighters are good additions to any seasoned MvC player, but the existing roster is so diverse that you wouldn’t miss out on much by passing on this DLC. Each character is $4.99 (400 MS points), and available on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.

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  • These are great additions to MVC 3. I gotta tell my friend to download these.

  • wtf? 5 bucks each? did i read that wrong? cmon! it should be 5 per 2! that sucks!
  • Wait, $5 for ONE CHARACTER? I'm starting to question the value in that. I would pay $7 or $8 for BOTH, but $10 for both? I would need to see gameplay footage first.
  • Not willing to spend 5 bucks per character.

  • They both look cool. but I dont know if I want to spend ten bucks on them.

  • They look cool but i don't think one character is worth 5 bucks.

  • This just took a turn for the worst.  $5 a character is too much.  But still people would buy both.

  • Does anyone else blanch every time they mention Resident Evil 5?

    Urp... feeling nauseous all of a sudden.  Brb.

    $5 is definitely too much for me though for a genre I don't play much.  Much more important things demanding those dollars.

  • This is the reason I did not buy marvel vs capcom 3. I bet, Ken, Strider, Hayato, sabretooth and others are soon to follow, at $5.00 a pop. Rip off if you ask me.
  • To anyone who think's $5 is too much, blazblue CS dlc characters are 8 bucks each. Be happy these ones are much less.
  • If I didn't buy the deluxe edition, I wouldn't have had these two. I like how they play, however I could not spend 10 dollars on two characters for a marginally different experience.
  • $2 per character sounds more like it! Well, if a game's worth it...

  • Fan responses to these characters on Facebook was mostly negative.

    You nailed it with Jill. She indeed lost her personality, but that's only to be expected as the entire franchise lost its identity in RE5, so you can't really fault them in this game. There's no need for Jill when you already have Chris.

    I would give away all the clones (She-Hulk, Jill, X-23 and Trish) for someone like Venom in a heartbeat. And yeah, i get it. You don't have to tell me that they have completely different movesets. The fact remains that they're minor variations of characters with the same powers.

    There's tons of other characters that people really wanted in this game. I respect the whole putting more effort into each character, but Marvel and Capcom made some terrible choices.

    I'm just glad i didn't buy this game. Mortal Kombat in 1 month.
  • For Marvel Vs Capcom, $5 per character is absurd. It should have been that there is a deal like 2 characters for $5 and maybe they cost $3 individually. I had a feeling they would be $5 each though so I bought the special edition. For the same price as buying them anyway I got a fancy box and a month of comics. But yeah way too overpriced. Marvel vs Capcom isn't like BlazBlue where a new character significantly changes the game. I just hope next time around they are new moves and ideas to soften the blow.

  • I was quite disappointed with Jill but Shuma was a nice surprise.  1 for 2 isn't bad in my book.

  • I've played this game. Nothing wrong with it, but I'm more accustomed to MvC2. The whole 3D-ish movement is not a bad thing, but I just miss the blazing speed. Overall though, good look with Shuma, but Jill is not so great. Glad I didn't dish out any money to buy it.
  • I thought this DLC was delayed, WTF!?
  • $5 is a steep price for one character. I guess my brother had the right idea when he ordered the special edition.

  • My brother preordered the special edition so we got them technically for free, not really but whatever, they're both pretty cool characters! and like the article said you don't want to pass it up

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