I've never been a huge fighting game guy. I enjoy Super Smash Bros, and I played Soul Caliber 2 and 4 (but those got real old real fast). So then Marvel Vs Capcom 3 came along. I saw that several characters I liked were in it like Iron Man, Chris, and Wesker. It also seemed pretty fun looking. When I picked up the game I was first in awe of the awesome opening cutscene, which immediatley led me to pick Dante as my main fighter (I never played DMC before this game) and I was suprised at how fun at how easy to play and fun the game was.

To boot there is a nice selection of characters. I became attached to Dante, Wesker, Deadpool, and Chris quickly. Each character takes some skill to master, in fact I still haven't learned the extent of Dante and Chris' power despite my constant usage of them. One thing that cracked me up about the characters is how much the Marvel and Capcom characters look. Capcom characters range from normal looking (Chris) to really Japanese looking (any street fighter character) while almost all the Marvel characters look flat out ridiculous as opposed to their movie counter parts. That didn't stop me from enjoying the graphics though. The graphics are gorgeous with really vibrant comic book colors though.

Fighting is really easy to jump into. That's easy for me to say because I'm an experienced gamer. However people like my sister and other family members had an easy time jumping into it too. The handicap actually works really well and assures an even match. There is also a simple mode that we never bothered using. The combat is way more fast paced than the slow Soul Caliber fights. Dante was so awesome in the game I decided to end up checking out the Devil May Cry series and I'm now loving it.

There really isn't anything in the way of story mode. There are opening  movies that kind of pull some vague plot together, but that's about it. I wish they would have done something more with it. They also failed to put in many unlockables. A couple of characters, opening movies, art work, and models is about all there is in the way of that section. The "mission mode" is really nothing. Just a bunch of short challenges that act almost like a tutorial.

Despite these short comings I still play Marvel Vs Capcom 3 a lot and has found its way into the selection of games that I will openly offer to play multiplayer with anytime. If you like fighting games, get it. If you think it looks cool, chances are your probably right. It's cheap now anyways. I imagine the Ultimate edition is better, but I haven't bothered buying it yet.