Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 is exactly what you thought you’d get from a Vs. game. The Characters are colorful, the action is frantic, and the game is deep. Beyond anything else though Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 is fun. The characters available are plentiful, They threw in a lot of fan favorites like Deadpool, and Ryu, and Spiderman, while also bringing  some really obscure characters like M.O.D.O.K and Dormammu. If you remember how complicated MVC2 was, rest assured MVC3 is a lot easier to get into. The control scheme has changed to 4 buttons, 3 speeds of attack, and a special. With just those four buttons and quarter circle, back, forward, and "Z" angles with your controller you can pull off almost every move in the game. It makes it easy for anyone familiar to Street Fighter to get into without being overwhelmed with options.  

Marvel vs Capcom 3 does a lot of things right, the game is just a ton of fun to play and learn. The advanced tactics are super rewarding and the game's balance plays a big part in that. A lot of the major offensive tactic can be countered by the defending player doing the same move. A lot of attention was put into a fighting system that looks button mashy (and can be for new players) but actually plays with a lot of skill and lets players take the fighters they like and really learn how they fit together. For example, lately I have used Iron Man, Captain America, and Spiderman. I usually use Spiderman first, to set up my fighters since he is fast but less powerful than Iron Man. Captain America is pretty good all around so I use him too for setting up a juggle, and always finish it with Iron Man since he isn't as good at juggling but can end a match with a powerful Hyper Combo. The game makes almost every character feel unique and if you've played other Vs. games you know that sometimes a lot of the peripheral characters used to feel like other characters with a palate swap.

I have yet to play an online match because Capcom refuses to fix it's old broken multiplayer code but I have played some local multiplayer and the game shines like every other Capcom fighter before it. Some of the UI really makes sense like setting up reserve characters so you can choose your presets quickly and jump into a fight, while other things are left out for no reason. Having to pause the game to get the moves every time is silly. I want to see the move while I am fighting.  

As for fighting modes, there aren't many, you have your standard arcade mode, and training mode, mission mode which isn't as exciting as it sounds, and of course online play. The main thing that matters is that  the  meat and potatoes of Marvel Vs Capcom 3 is a fun game for everyone. Young and old fighters alike.