I've been playing Marvel vs. Capcom 3 for a while now and its not too bad. The story or what fragments of a story I could get is the characters of both universes come together and figure out how their worlds came together while the villians are using the opppurtunity take conquer the world, but theres someone more sinister working behind the scenes and spoiler alert its not abyss.  The gameplay  is really good you still get get to choose three fighters and their assist types and fight in fast paced tag team brawls but now you have a few new toys to play with like the x factor which boosts your speed and attack power for a limited time to turn the tables in a losing fight, the team aerial combo where you switch between characters during combos to make quick work of the opponent, and a team aerial counter to prevent your foe from comboing you to death. The new characters feel right at home with rest of the fighters and add alot of change and balance to the game like dante works great for up close combo attacks and dormammu works great for distance deffense. The visuals are great the game feels like a comic book on your screen with page turns to rips in thescreen during hyper combos and the final boss rips the srceen open like paper. The new controls are something that didnt for because it felt unneccesary to change from two punch and kick buttons to three attack buttons and an uppercut button but it does work well when you get used to it and theres a simple mode for newcomers to figure out the controls. One problem I have with this game is the online play you have wait through lobbies and a lot of fights for your turn to play and theres not that much of options in the menu other than arcade, versus, practice, mission, options, and gallery and thats it. Theyre suppose to have jill and shuma gorath as dLc and i hope that they do that for the rest of the cast.