Being a huge fan of Capcom games like Megaman and Street Fighter, as well as a lover for Marvel characters and comics, I had to try this latest game in the MvC series. Having played, and loved, Street Fighter 4, I knew Capcom wouldn't shoot out a bad game. After playing for some hours, this is what I have to say:

Graphics: Beautiful. The thick, comic like shading creates an amazing effect. My only complaint is on some levels it feels just too dark.

Gameplay: Smooth. The controls are simplified from Street Fighter 4, with the hold move types eliminated (for the most part), but are still fun to play with. There is also simplified move sets for beginners.

Content: Good, but lacking. Though the 36 characters included in the main package are great, there is few levels and few extras to dwell on. This is disappointing, considering Super Street Fighter 4 had a plethora of levels and content. It is speculated though by other review sites that it will be loaded with DLCs.

My Favorites: The Capcom characters are diverse and fun to play as. The 3 on 3 tag team style is awesome compared to SF4, and Deadpool is hilarious. 

My Dislikes: Some of Marvel's characters could have greater move designs, such as Doctor Doom and Iron Man. The lack of levels.

Overall: A great fighting game, and as quoted here  "Capcom is bringing back the genre". I give it a 8.75 out of 10. It is not as great as SF4, but it is an excellent fighting game, and definitely worth looking at by any fighting game fan or zealots of marvel and Capcom