Beautiful is a way to describe it I guess. Incrediblly smooth and fast paced. The controls are very deep and do a great job of keeping people from becoming accomplished button mashers. Also the diversity of each character is incredible. There is definitely a character for everyone here. I happened to find 3 that i became comfortable with.  

But this is not really its own. It is simply Super street fighter 4 but a marvel vs. capcom version. The controls are easier to learn though and the different control schematics are varied enough for advanced players. But i will not buy this game. The gameplay is very in depth and the game really encourages advance knowledge of specific characters but it gives you very little to do with it. There is no story, no mini games, and hardly any other gametypes that could give me reason to stick with it. I dont play online much so that isnt very enticing to me.

But that is the big influence to encourage gamers that love this game. There is just so little to do aside from getting good with a character and taking it online. That is my biggest disapointment with this. I have to say that the gameplay as well as the gameplay depth itself is at least a 9.5 out of 10. But as far as what to do in the game its more like 4 out of 10. So thats how it doesnt appeal to me. If you have different priorities than i then just take what you want from this review and make a decision that best applies to your gaming preferances.