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Marvel Heroes

The Earth's Mightiest Heroes Assemble To Defeat Villains

Gazillion Entertainment's Marvel Heroes arrives today on PC, and you can play it right now for free. The title, which blends action-RPG combat with traditional MMO character building features some of Earth's mightiest heroes and it's most foul villains.

The launch trailer (which is also the opening cinematic) briefly recounts the origin stories of some of the most well-known characters Marvel Comics has ever created. It also shows a face off between Doctor Doom and an unlikely opponent.

You can start playing Marvel Heroes today at the official website.

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  • I wonder how good this game is.
  • Does anybody know if there will be a retail release?
  • Is the game any good? Please make a review.
  • I will never understand how so many people allow stuff to be shaded and colored before even fixing simple stuff like Hulk's crossed eyes in the thumbnail there.
  • Played in the beta and really enjoyed it waited until literally the last minute and bought the ultimate founders pack. They've made a lot of changes just in the few short days since open beta ended. This game will keep me buys for months if not years.
  • Sweet, free marvel game with almost all my favorite comic characters, and by almost I mean it doesn't have Batman
  • Does this have anything to do with Marvel: War of Heroes for mobile? (the one with all the micro transactions)

  • This game is horrible fyi to anyone. It's a very generic diablo clone with the only thing going for it the lore. If you want an actually good (and frankly its the best ever) lootfest ARPG play Path of Exile, its 100000x then any others, including Diablo 3 and especially this crap game.
  • $250 for characters.
  • Ha, look at those eyes!

  • this game needs to come to consoles...
  • Does anybody recognize that hulk has a lazy eye?
  • I don't like the fact that wolverine got the shaft in this trailer by not getting his own spot.
  • Damn, that was awesome. I liked the anime-ish look. Spidey was awesome. I wonder if my computer could run it.
  • Liking the comics look.

  • HULK DERP!!!

  • Not the best game I have ever played. Then again, what do you expect to get for free?

  • So, um, I'd like to know what the actual gameplay looks like. You know, since that was supposed to be a launch trailer of sorts, to entice me to play. Maybe even a few seconds? 20 seconds of gameplay? 10 seconds? Sigh . . .
  • As long as there is some lore in the game I could enjoy a kill fest.

    Edit: You choose from 5 heroes. Hawkeye,Thing,Storm,Daredevil,Scarlet Witch. Once you complete the intro quests you get a second hero to switch to.First two bosses were fun to fight. Worth a free try for sure if you like Marvel and diablo crawling.
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