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  • Blog Post: Mark of The Ninja

    Mark Of The Ninja Mark of The Ninja is a stealth action, well, ninja game. It gets a lot right, and would definitely work for a series. (Depending on the ending you choose) GAMEPLAY First of all, this gameplay is great! It's so satisfying to terrify, kill, and even sneak past guards. It actually... More
  • Blog Post: Mark of the Ninja Review: Solace & Safety in Shadow

    Mark of the Ninja is the ultimate ninja fantasy. From the moment that you take control, you are given the power and tools to be the master of your environment. As you quietly move from shadow to shadow making choices for the oblivious guards that surround you, the power over life and death are in your... More
  • Blog Post: A Kungfu Panda of a Ninja Game

    Mark of the Ninja , a game from the creators of Shank and Don't Starve , brought to the PC by Microsoft (instead of Halo 3 , because "reasons" obviously), is a peculiar game to say the least. It wants you to take it seriously as a both a stealth game and as a homage to old school ninja... More
  • Blog Post: Side Scrolling Awesomeness!

    In the past I haven’t been a huge fan of stealth games. However, the stealth mechanics that have been incorporated into the games unique shadow and light graphics make for a visually stunning 2D side scroller. Through a variety of levels and layouts players have the ability to utilize multiple... More
  • Blog Post: Marked and Executed

    True stealth games are a dying breed. The latest Splinter Cell was action-heavy, the new Hitman seems to punish players who try to diffuse a situation by picking off targets one by one, and even Dishonored has some moments where you are encouraged to use weapons like grenades or the flintlock pistol... More
  • Blog Post: Mark of the Ninja Review: A New Standard for Stealth

    You are the silent shadow on the prowl. Kill the lights, distract the guards, kill one and terrorize the other. A simple approach found in other stealth genre games, however it surely is not the only one. What Mark of the Ninja does that most games have not, is provide an excellent example of choice... More
  • Blog Post: Mark of the Ninja Video Review

    In honor of the game's Steam release, here is a quick video review of Mark Of The Ninja. Enjoy. More
  • Blog Post: Mark of the Ninja - 2D Glee

    Since the days of the first Tenchu installment, whenever the words "ninja" and "stealth" coincide with the word "game," it's time to perk up and pay attention. Klei Entertainment created a fun and addictive concoction of stealth, puzzle and platforming that constantly... More
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