Since the days of the first Tenchu installment, whenever the words "ninja" and "stealth" coincide with the word "game," it's time to perk up and pay attention.  Klei Entertainment created a fun and addictive concoction of stealth, puzzle and platforming that constantly gives the players options on route and obstacle management.  

Burning Ink.

You are a ninja.  Perhaps even THE Ninja.  Your special powers are granted to you by a toxic tattoo, one that will be the death of you, unfortunately.  In the meantime, you are hunting a particular target, and the predator's path is a long and winding one, as your prey surrounds himself with high tech security systems and a few badasses of his own.

It's Choice.

During the hunt, our ninja crosses paths with a number of henchmen to dispatch or avoid, and there are typically a few ways to do either.  If the room ahead seems overly difficult with three enemies in close proximity, there may be an alternate route that, say, tests your platforming prowess instead, for instance.  The 2D level design is elegant and beautiful, with plenty of ways to go and many places to explore which may hide optional objectives that add to the replay value.

Don your mark! Get Set! ....

If you are reading this review, you are undoubtedly a fan of the genre.  Go now, and play forth.