This being a sports game, it's like reviewing a Madden game. It's football, but what new mechanics were added? Same question will be answered here.

Gameplay - The game plays like any other tennis game, but how about a Mario Tennis game? It's pretty good. I've played the N64 and GC installments, and the "gimmicky-ness" lies somewhere between the two. Mario Tennis/Golf both had a N64 and GC version, and the 64 ones were toned down and based on realism. It's like a slightly faster real game of tennis. The later GC ones used over the top crazy shenanigans and gimmicks. This one seemed to rest in the middle. It had sudo-crazy shots, activated an rare occasions, and the court locations are still outlandish, but are also trying not to kill you. Overall, not only does it contain the Mario element, but still keeps it's balance.

Controls - Extremely. Easy. The button commands are simple, and even if that's confusing, you can tap the touch screen for the same effect. Easy and precise, exactly what is needed for this kind of game.

Story - There is none, which is good. Just Right

Audio - The sound effects aren't to special, but there are 2-3 songs worth noting, like the Champions cup title match, Galaxy rally which is just Good Egg Galaxy, and the special points (game point, deuce, tiebreak, etc.) which are nice revisions of the sames ones from the N64 variety. Most of it is forgettable, but there are some worth noting.

Visuals - Just as I thought, the visuals are superb. Since the 3DS launch, the graphics are rivaling even the Wii at points, and this doesn't disappoint. Not revolutionary, but easy on the eyes.

Anything of Note? - The customization is great, but just like Mario Kart 7, it takes too long. And the costumes are even harder. (just try facing Ace difficulty took me a whole dedicated hour to do a 2 game, 1 set match). That and besides the desert, clay and the morph ones, the courts were fantastic.