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Mario Party: Island Tour

Mario Party: Island Tour Trailer Teases The Backstory

In the newest entry of the Mario Party saga, the gang gets transported to a floating island in bubbles after receiving a mysterious letter. It's actually more than a tease, as that appears to be the whole story.

The story may be light, but the important details are explained in the trailer. There will be seven new boards, 80 new minigames, and games that take advantage of the handheld's tilt and AR capabilities.

Mario Party: Island Tour is coming to 3DS on November 22.

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  • Great, does it have Wi-Fi yet? I have friends in others states that I've been dying to play Mario Party with but they just won't make one with Wi-Fi...
  • Why is it telling me that the video contains mature content and that I'm not allowed to watch it? I thought this was Mario!
  • What could Mario be doing that tells me is too mature to watch?
  • More of the same!  Hurray!

    It's fun if you don't play every single entry in a row.  Skip like... 7 of them and then jump back in.

  • There's no online.

    Nintendo is seriously getting on my nerves.

  • Mod

    I might just have to get this. I've always had a soft spot for Mario Party and I haven't bought one in a while!

  • Yawn. Nintendo, it's time for something new, and not "add another number and/or subtitle to a tired franchise" new...
  • "We're sorry, according to your account, you are not allowed to view mature content. If you believe your birth date in your account is inaccurate, please update it now."


  • Interesting. Might actually get a Mario Party game. The last one I played was 2, so I think it's time for another dive into.

  • Super excited for this Test Chamber!

  • Backstory... oh I get it!