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Six Details From Nintendo's Mario Kart 8 Direct Presentation

This morning, Nintendo launched a Direct presentation showcasing lots of gameplay and details for the upcoming Mario Kart 8.

1. Baby Rosalina and Pink Gold Peach join the cast of 30 racers

Rosalina is a relatively new addition to Mario's roster of characters, but she's already got a good handle on her role in the universe. She will be appearing in the game in her adult form, but she knows that every self-respecting member of Mario's world was at one time a baby and she will be appearing as such.

Pink Gold Peach also joins the roster as the second metal character next to Mario. She is a heavy racer, able to push other characters off course.

2. New item lets you carry eight at once and blow away competitors with a loudspeaker

The new speaker contraption lets you set off a sound wave around your kart knocking out racers, but the most exciting implication from the speaker? You can use it to prevent blue shells from taking you out.

Another item we had not seen before lets you carry and use eight items at once.

3. Kart customization

Nintendo showed off some of the new kart customizations, including one that attaches animatronic horses to the front of your kart.

You will be able to change out your body, wheels, and hang-glider for an assortment of racing options.

4. Nintendo proves bikes aren't universally faster than karts

Karts have the best straightaway capabilities, but bikes are better at tight turns. What this means for best lap time chasers is that bikes are not always the best choice for setting the best lap times. As the image above states, it all depends on the course.

5. Online gets an overhaul

Nintendo has always been cautious about letting players interact online, fearing the worst regarding the appearance of inappropriate  content or language. For Mario Kart 8, it looks like Nintendo is relaxing a bit by offering chat in the lobby. Up to 12 players can race together online, with the option to set up tournaments and adjust the rules to your pleasing.

6. Mario Kart TV gets in on YouTube's popular Let's Play phenomenon

Along with the ability to watch your best races, and allow others to see your best times online, you will also be able to upload your race replays to YouTube.

Bonus: 7. A cliffhanger for the next Nintendo Direct?

Is Nintendo injecting a narrative thread into its Nintendo Direct presentations? Who is this person? Is it Reggie Fils-Aime? Why are all of their life goals Nintendo-related? I can't wait to find out more in the next episode.

To see the full Mario Kart 8 Nintendo Direct for yourself, head here. For more on Mario Kart 8, check out our hands-on preview here. Mario Kart arrives on Wii U on May 30.

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  • A welcome article. I really think this is the best Mario Kart yet, and I am very excited. Nintendo is also doing something great giving all consumers of the game, a free game. Note: This was not an "F You". This was relief. I wanted to make that clear. I enjoy the work of all Game Informer.
  • That final easter egg was almost a bit comedically self-deprecating, but I love it. May's going to be quite a different month for Wii U and I'll be there to play it day one.
  • I wasn't planning on getting Kart 8 so soon but with a free game thrown in I'm pre-ordering for sure. I just hope Nintendo is better prepared for E3 this year because they need some big guns to get gamers attention rather than just Smash and Kart.
  • HAVE YOU GUYS SEEN HOW FREAKING GORGEOUS AND EPIC THE MOUNT WARIO TRACK IS IN THIS GAME?!?!? OHMYGAWD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT THIS FUN GAME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The link of the track!
  • This makes me want to get a Wii U.

  • I hope battle mode is better than Wii's entry... from a trailer it looked as if we won't battle in dedicated arenas, but on the other tracks... interesting... everything looks exciting though, especially the new twists on classic tracks- including a redesign of a track from all the way back to Super MarioKart
  • Man I'm going to say so many racists and sexist things in that chat....
  • Okay, these screenshots are pretty amazing by any standard.

  • I'm so excited for this game. The Wario Mountain course, Bowser's Castle, and the new Rainbow Road all look super gorgeous and fun. I enjoyed the surprise direct today.
  • Baby Rosalina?

    ...ok then.

  • An item to counteract blue shells? Sold.
  • I am really looking forward to this. This game looks so good. I can't wait to race on this year's Rainbow Road, it's always been my favorite course. Really happy I will get to race with Rosalina as well. :D

  • Not sure the last image was necessary, though, Kyle. Guy at the end of the video is the same person that was at the start of it. Just some dude on the couch to mix things up a bit. Not really any sign whatsoever of a "narrative thread."
  • Baby Rosalina but no Dry Bones?!

  • At last, WiiU is gonna finally be getting a heavy hitter exclusive!!!

  • I just wanted to note I am really greatful for all the Nintendo content Game Informer does do. I want to see it continue, I want to see more features. I also understand the time it takes to run an operation like Game Informer, but I just wanted to say Thanks.
  • This story actually makes me want to cancel my pre-order. Don't they have better things to devote the development time to than.. pink gold peach?
  • I know Diddy Kong is in the new karts, he's on a picture ridding on a bike. If anybody deserves a baby character its yoshi.

  • Rose Gold Peach would have been a better name. Anyway, the super horn sounds like a good way to break the series' infamous forced cheating (or 'balancing') by the game. First place? keep that super horn!
  • The only way that 8 items thing is new is that the previous games only had 7 items. ("Haven't seen this before"? Yeah, right...)
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