Ok...for you that know me..I always start with the Bad issues:

  • Difficulty is wishy-washy, at one point its a cruise, next its impossible to get 1st Place this is even in the 50CC. ("Why Mike, WHAT ever do you mean even in 50cc?" They can and will get Blue Turtle Shells seconds before you hitting the finishing line THEN Hit you with Lightning seconds after... giving the computer enough time to catch up, pass you and steal the win. And I never think of the computer vs computer, its always 7 on 1, You being the 1. The guy in last place, shoots off a blue turtle shell to help 2nd place win?)
  • Weapons Generator is Horrendous. Example: Too many, got-dang Blue Turtle Shells and Lightning Bolts. It feels like the Computer just LETS them have the goods, but All I can get is the bananas, maybe 1 or 2 red shells. IF I ever fall behind 7th...its reset and act like that never happened. Why? Cause I've had 2nd place get not 1 but 2 back to back lightning bolts..and put me back in 4th place right at the corner of 3rd Lap and Complete.
  • Unlockables makes me wonder why they even bothered, but at the same time, I'd rather they have unlockables instead of DLC like Majority of your titles today for PS3 and Xbox.

For the great, why this got an above average from me:

  • Nostalgia factor of bringing back not only the Original Roster from SNES, but the original Tracks/Maps from SNES...God I missed the original Rainbow Road and Original Koopa Troopa. LOVE The Remakes of each of those Maps as well.
  • Customization is king, I don't have to worry about picking Bowser or Koopa, I can pick who ever and make them a bruiser or make them a small/great handling type.
  • I think this is the best Mario Kart to date, but I would have liked a Double Dash Feature of picking 2 people and have them switch out in this version...too bad it didn't have that seeing I loved Double Dash's crazy-antics of two guys on a go-kart.

Big Reason this didn't get above an 8 for me...this is just another Mario Kart...-shrugs- its not the best racing title...but hey, its the only one I'm playing unless you count The Racing events in GTA4 or Red Dead Redemption. Yes I'm biased, I stopped playing Racing Titles mostly because I only play them offline...online is too cookie cutter to win.