Mario Kart 7 is a big reason why you should get a 3DS (if you haven't yet). Mario Kart 7 took racing and Mario Kart to the next level by putting major improvements that make the game a lot more fun. Read my review on Mario Kart 7 to see what is good about it and what is bad about it.

Gameplay: If you have played a Mario Kart game in the past, then you know what to expect. You choose a character from Mario games, pick a kart, pick a course, and race to the finish line. If you are one of those people that say that Nintendo is just taking the Mario Kart series and milking it, then you're wrong. There are huge improvements in Mario Kart 7 that make the game a lot different than other Mario Kart games. First of all, there are new characters. Above is a picture with all the characters from Mario Kart 7. As you can see, Metal Mario, Honey Queen, Wiggler, and Lakitu are new characters. When you first start in Mario Kart 7, you can only play as Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, Bowser, Donkey Kong, Toad, and Koopa Troopa. The next thing you will notice is that you have the ability to customize your kart, which is a great option. It gives you more freedom and you can build an excellent kart (or a bad kart, whichever is your choice). You can customize three things and they are the body, the wheels, and the glider. After you build your kart, you will notice that there are 32 tracks (4 per prix). 16 of these tracks are new and the other 16 are from previous Mario Kart games. The mushroom, flower, star, and special cup host the new tracks while the shell, banana, tanooki leaf, and the lightning cup host the old tracks. When you start playing, the game will be just as fun as the old Mario Kart games except the inclusion of the glider and the propeller will add to the fun. It feels so different once you fly in the air and when you go underwater without worrying about entering the deep area. It's a great addition to Mario Kart and it improves the gameplay a lot. By the way, red shells can attck you in the air. The new tracks add to the fun of the game because of what's in it. For example, in Cheep Cheep Lagoon the clams make the track fun (that's just my opinion). The old tracks got revived and upgraded by getting beefed up with 3D graphics and geting glider and/or propeller usage. Time Trial is exactly how you remember it to be, you need to finish 3 laps (or 3 sections) in the shortest amount of time and you are given three mushrooms to use Time Trial is used in something new and exclusive for the 3Ds, but I will talk about that below. The balloon battle gives you the option of being independent or on a team. The coin runners is the same as what it was in previous Mario Kart games, so don't expect anything new other than the courses. The battle courses are really nice starring GBA Battle Course 1, N64 Big Donut, DDS Palm Shore, Honeybee Hive, Sherbet Rink, and Wuhu Town. 

Online Multiplayer: The online multiplayer in Mario Kart 7 is phenomenal. You won't believe how good it is when compared with other Mario Kart games and other Nintendo games.  Mario Kart 7 takes online multiplayer to the next level. You can play against other people around the world by playing worldwide. You can either pick race or battle. If you pick race, you will be able to race against people from all over the world. It's the same concept as Mario Kart Wii, you get picked to race against people you don't know, then you pick a course to race in, the game randomly selects a place that somebody picked, then you start. It's the same thing with battle except you do balloon battles and coin runners. You will start out with 1000 VR and you can get more VR by winning. VR is used to record how good you are in Mario Kart 7 online. Your VR will be used in both race and battle. If you always race and get 2000 VR, then you do a battle, it will say you have 2000 VR in battle. The next thing you can do is play against friends/opponents online. Do you have any friends with a 3DS and Mario Kart 7? If you do, then you can play against each other over the internet. Also, anybody you played against will show up here, where you can play against them again if they're online. The next thing you can do is communities. This is where you can join communities and play against people from that community. You can join a community by typing in a community code. After that, you can join the community and you will have the ability to play against people who have joined that community. When you first go under communities, you will see you have one recommended community. That community is the Mario Cup. Later on, more recommended communities will be added. Also, you have the option of making your own community. You can only make a community after you win a grand prix (it can be any grand prix at any level). This can be helpful if you want to play against your friends over wi-fi. If you want to join a community right now, then here are 3 community codes of communities you should join.

Mario Kart 7 Communities:

Nintendo Show 3D: 26-8521-3553-5069

3DSBuzz MK7: 03-1224-4129-2957

IGN: 60-2240-3145-6926

Graphics: The graphics are beautiful! You won't believe how stunning they look in crisp 3D! The graphics are so good that they make me want to play as Mario, and I never want to play as Mario!

Sound/Music: The music isn't something to marvel at like a huge and shiny gem, but it's great. My favorite song in Mario Kart 7 was in Rainbow Road. It really sets the mood of the place and it tells you that you're in outer space (even though you already know you are in outer space in the game). Anyways, there is excellent music in this game that come from the old tracks we all love and the new music showing off each new track. 

Bugs?: Sadly, there are some bugs in Mario Kart 7, and these bugs are nasty ones. I have played the game a lot since I got it and I haven't found any bugs in the game except for some bugs in the online multiplayer. The first bug I encountered made some of the objects I use against someone (like a green shell or a tanooki tail) not affect them. It's very weird because when I hit someone, they don't get hurt, but when they hit me I get hurt. This is only with some items in Mario Kart 7. Other items (like the red shell) do affect them and hurt them. The second bug I encountered involves what place you win in. I noticed that it drops the place you win in. For example, I came in first place, but it said I came in second place and it only gave me the VR you earn for coming in second place. This is a very bad bug that downgrades the online multiplayer. The third and final bug I encountered involves VR. if there is a connection error then it will decrease the amount of VR you have earned. It would make sense if it did that if you push the wireless trigger to cause the error, but when you don't cause the error it still does that.

Streetpass: Yes, Mario Kart 7 does support streetpass, and it does a great job of using the streetpass feature too. When you do streetpass with somebody else who has Mario Kart 7, your 3DS will exchange Mario Kart 7 records. If you visit the Mario Kart Channel and click on the picture of your mii, then you will see your driver's license. Your driver's license contains information like how many games you win, how many games you lost, and how many coins you collected. Streetpass will give the person you did streetpass with your drivers license and your mii so they can race it. You can also customize your mii's kart write a greeting, make a grand prix, and more. Please note that when you make a grand prix, you can only pick four of your favorite tracks and pick an order for them.

Spotpass: Guess what? Mario Kart 7 also supports spotpass! Yeah. You probably already knew that. In my opinion, spotpass is performed a lot better than streetpass. When you do spotpass, you will recieve ghost data . What's even better is that you can get new ghost data EVERY day! What's even better than that is you get over 20 ghosts EVERY day! When you do spotpass, you might say "I only got four ghosts today! Nintendo said i'm supposed to get 20!" Actually, that is 32 ghosts. 8 ghosts are in one course and you get 4 courses in one day. It keeps the game fresh and it adds to the fun of the game. Also, you can create and send ghosts by racing in time trials. When you race in a time trial, Mario Kart 7 will copy your run, make you a ghost, and sends the race to other peoples's 3DSs all over the world so they can play against your ghost. Mario Kart 7 sends it automatically, all you have to do is do a time trial (completely finish every lap/section) and you're done.

The Conclusion: Despite the bugs in Mario Kart 7, the game is worth every last cent you pay for it. It is so fun and the fun doesn't stop thanks to the streetpass, spotpass, and online multiplayer features that Mario Kart 7 supports. If I had to compare Mario Kart 7 with Super Mario 3D Land, then I would say that Mario Kart 7 is better. What are you waiting for? Go! Race! Fly! Swim! You must get to yor local video game store as soon as possible and buy this game!

Thank you for reading my review on Mario Kart 7!

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