As a fan of nintendo and the mario kart series I found myself satisfied with the latest installment in the series. I didn't find any of the courses bland and all of them felt fresh and new, including the retro courses.The kart cusomization  is an interesting addition, it lacked in enough variety to the point where i continuously chose the same kart pieces. The hang gliding sections can determine whether you win or lose a race, sometimes at the last moments of it. The 3D effect was great and not a gimmick. The first person mode does work, as well as the gyro controls after some getting used to. I have gotten first place using gyro over online play. The online play does work well and the 60 frames a second nintendo claimed is true. But depending on your internet connection, you will suffer minor to severe lag. There are less items than in the wii version but the addition of the tanooki leaf and the lucky seven are the new items. The blue shell is more dangerous as it could send you off the edges instead of straight up into the air. The mario kart channel provides the same purpose as the wii version.Playing with local friends or enemies is the greatest joy you could have out of a mairo kart game. I played with people at my school and it got my adreniline pumping that i had to stop playing. In general it is a great game and is another reason to play your 3DS.