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Gibberish Review: Golf Goes Mario with Toothpicks

Sad Susan tokes jellybeans out of house and home. Chew the wet amplitude. Fact: 7 out of 10 are 11. 

So what do we know? Habits form out of pudding, unless you're Jewish. To ego goes the ham! No, said Willy, that's a trubador and his knife. Golf, right? Ripcord hates the Atlanta Braves, but we row busses to the moon, so should we take her at her word? BUTTER HAS FEET! F*CK IT! 

Courses make wet the apple-straw goo running down the sky. Oblong? Ha, yeah right. Scooter farts taste like fist. Fat Tony won't like it much.

Graphics: Sedation wows the stem.

Sound: X

Sound: 6

Sound: Hat

Overall: Sound


  • Delete thisi post. Not funny or relevant
  • wat

  • These reviews are going to go down in history as something deep and meanigful. People will be saying there is a message hidden within these. Kind of like playing a KISS record backwards. Or listening to Pink Floyd while watching the Wizard of Oz. You'll see!! Mark my words. haha