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Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games Blog Guidelines
  • Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games: A Passable Time for a Passable Game

    Many can say that the Bejiing 2008 Olympics was not a very kind one for the videogaming stars Mario and Sonic. After Sega’s and Nintendo’s utterly failed attempt to deliver a worthy Mario and Sonic game experience for the summer olympics,... More
  • some great competition means just equal for sonic and mario

    sonic is the best popular icon since 1991, mario? just superr mega crap scince 1985 and probably that kids in their childhoods can't pronounce mario but they can say sonic its an easy name to say thats why he's popular and on the dream events... More
  • Mario and Sonic are at it again

    Mario and Sonic at the Olymic Winter Games is very fun when it comes to the actual action, It is cool being able to play as your Mii and a bunch of Mario and Sonic characters but it is a little cheesy plastering your snowboard and skis with luigi pictures... More
  • A better sequel

    This game is entertaining, but has issues. Some of the graphics are not tidy. But the game surpasses the first in nearly every way. More
  • you realy think we want this sega and nintendo?

    by now we should all see mario and sonic at the olympics... both of them sucked more than a sausage fest, but unfortunatly sega and nintendo didnt see there mistake. do any of you remember the old saying the dumbest thing you can do is the same thing... More
  • This isn't what we asked for

    Dear Nintendo and Sega, Please stop putting Mario and Sonic in the Olympics...AND GIVE US THE REAL FREAKING CROSS-OVER!!! More
  • Stupid.

    The game was as big of a let down as it was the first. Sonic and Mario may have been in the same time era but the two should not play the Olympics together!!! The controls and interface are terrible, and the characters and their voices, get on my nerves... More
  • If there was a way to go into the negatives I would

    I got this for my 8 year old nephew since he could not stop talking about it. Dont buY this. Please dont buy this. I dont know how else to say it. Yes it is that bad. More