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  • Blog Post: Mario and Luigi, Bowser's Inside Story: A Fresher Formula of Laughs and Charm

    The outrageous success that the Mario franchise has soaked in over the years has taken the plumber bros. many places, but few have ever been as hilariously funny and enjoyable as the siblings’s RPG series games. Completing the loosely connected Mario and Luigi handheld trilogy, “Mario and... More
  • Blog Post: Mario And Luigi And Mario And Luigi And Mario

    Mario and Luigi : Bowser's Inside Story is a great game with wonderful cartoony graphics, cool sound effects, and some good controls too. There are some cool special moves to unlock and even a secret one called the magic window. The button-press sequences tie coordination into the gameplay. It's... More
  • Blog Post: The Story on Bowser's Insides

    Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story Have you ever pondered about Bowser's anatomy? Then you should probably seriously take some time to think about your life. After you're done though, ponder no longer, because everyone's favorite-Italian, plumber brothers are going where no man has... More
  • Blog Post: Mmmmmmmmmmmm Tastes Like Chicken

    I don't blame Bowser for eating Mario and his fearful brother. The two of them look like peperroni and peppers. Mmmm Italians. So, this game uses an RPG with an action element to make things easier for newbies. So on to the review. The newest Mario and Luigi game features a new system with Bowser... More
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